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The Big Blue Bottle Machine

There are at least two things to say with regards to Alexis Madrigal's long ode to the processes that have produced both coffee's shiniest monolith, Blue Bottle, and its newish adorable milk cartons filled with coffee, chicory, milk and sugar.

While it's only a tiny moment in the piece, Madrigal hits on precisely what has propelled Blue Bottle beyond its specialty coffee peers in the public imagination (and investors' hearts):


This Is Catsploitation

Taibi Mastelbowers, an artist, babysitter and retail worker, was one of many waiting in line this morning for the opening of North America's first pop-up cat café, a month-long marketing event for Purina One cat food. Mastelbowers who has two cats, Neferkitti and Inkling, said she's not allowed to bring any more home. "I love cats. I love to hang out with cats. I've already had a coffee today, but I always need kitty cuddle time."


Climate Change Will Reduce Your Fatty Dip Options

Maybe the most effective way to get people concerned about climate change is to threaten them with the loss of all they hold dear.


Coffee Drinkers Never Forget

"Caffeine enhances consolidation of long-term memories in humans," says some guy who comes from Science, which is all well and good until you remember that your long-term memories are full of disappointment, sadness and outright horror, at which point you may also recall that there is a solution to erasing those memories, [...]


Garbage Ample

So long as we're gonna destroy the planet anyway we may as well be alert while it's happening. [Via]


Coffee Articulate

"Hi-Collar is currently serving coffee roasted by Porto Rico Importing Co., one of the oldest of old-guard New York coffee companies. I would consider this to be archetypically dark-roasted 2nd wave coffee, which is to say, it’s something of an outlier for the kinds of cafes we typically write about on Sprudge, and certainly not what I usually choose to drink. But the siphon I ordered at Hi-Collar was excellently prepared; called the Tokyo Blend (Porto Rico is somewhat blend-mad), my coffee was initially dominated by carbolic roast flavors, before opening up into a pronounced hard caramel and nutty sweetness, which mellowed into a nice toffee with the gentle addition [...]


Soon To Be The Hot New Trend In Brooklyn

"Workers at a Swedish airbase have been drinking coffee made with radiator water for the past two years after a pipe was connected wrongly."


Where Fancy Garbage Coffee Has Never Gone Before

All coffee is good, from the shittiest diner to the most annoyingly rigorous high-end shop, except for coffee that comes in a pod and claims to be annoyingly rigorous and high end, but which is actual garbage that has been toasted, ground up, dehydrated and put into a non-biodegradable plastic coffin. And now that coffee is in space, which is a good reason to never leave this big dumb rock with all of its perfectly fine non-garbage coffee.


Coffee Merely Good

"Whatever happened to good?" asks the white man with graying hair, dad khakis and an alarmingly large face as he fills his mug with coffee brewed from beans which were picked by poor farmers who make less than a few dollars a day for working the vast plantations that produce the beans, which are shipped to large industrial facilities to be toasted, pulverized into a dry, soil-like mass and eventually dumped into large blue tubs bearing the logo of Maxwell House, a billion-dollar brand of Kraft Foods, mega-purveyor of chemically ingenious foodstuffs, which is keen to regain its status as the biggest coffee seller in the United [...]


Where To Get Coffee Off The Train

Here's a map that's going around of "the best coffeehouses in Manhattan, by subway stop." I'm sure some people who are super-serious about coffee will complain that they know better places and the ones picked here are for palateless poseurs, but that is what they do best, super-serious coffee people, complain about coffee and the places to get it. It is almost like they are addicted both to caffeine and being annoying as fuck about a basic beverage. Anyway, this seems like a keeper.


Person On Internet Has Opinions About Coffee

Look, I like coffee too, but calm the fuck down, it's just a drink.


Coffee Helps You Forget How Bad You Suck

"Drinking between two to four cups of coffee every day appears to reduce the risk of suicide in men and women by 50 per cent, according to a new study."


Fictional Characters' Caffeine Consumption Estimated

"To find out what kind of caffeine ingestion Joey, Chandler, Ross, Phoebe, Rachel and Monica had over the 10 seasons of Friends, we need to make a few assumptions. First, given their famous mugs, we’ll assume that they drink 20 oz. coffees. Second, we’ll assume that each friend consumes maybe two of these enormous drinks each episode. Finally, we assume that this kind of coffee mainlining happened over each of Friends’ 236 episodes. If each friend drank two mugs of coffee over each episode, the whole gang downed, in total, 445 gallons of coffee. " —Have you ever wondered how much coffee the pretend people on the 'Friends' television [...]


The Coming Coffee Apocalypse

Okay, sure, yes, it's been hot. And I know: "Blah blah blah hurricanes!" It's past the point where you can brush off the fact that we're having 100-year storms every other week by putting it down to coincidence. And okay, the poor polar bears, it's tough times for them. Drought, famine and pestilence stalk the land. But whatever, these are all, I don't know, incidental items. Now everything's going to get real.

COFFEE-LOVERS be warned. Whether you are a three-double-espressos-a-day addict or just indulge in the occasional cappuccino, enjoy it while you can: a coffee drought may be on its way. Changing climate [...]


The Rise of Fake Good Coffee

It's true, as Oliver Strand writes, that the coffee scene has never been better in New York—or Los Angeles or San Francisco or Portland or basically anywhere—than it is right now. There's more superb coffee and more of it: from Budin's single storefront in Greenpoint serving exquisite Tim Wendelboe, which often tastes more of tea than coffee (for five dollars a cup because shipping from Norway is like, expensive man) to the roughly six hunded Joe locations dotting Manhattan.

Less discussed, however, is the concurrent rise of coffee shops that trade in the signs of "good coffee"* but in fact serve hot sewage.


Gun-Toting Baristas Dispense Caffeine, Justice

There are some pretty intense sound effects that open and close this story, just FYI. Anyway, if you haven't read our barista story yet this is the perfect opportunity, and if you have read it already, read it again, but this time imagine the writer is strapped through the whole thing. It really adds to the complexity of the piece.


Your Secret Latte Identity

Is this article a tribute to the fact that the increasing diversity of our nation's population is resulting in an explosion of previously unfamiliar names or an early signal that as the economy becomes mainly centered around the service industries many of the pieces we read considering modern life will be about the knotty problems that come from interacting with the help? Yes.


What Does Your Coffee Say About You? And… Is It Something Terrible?

A tall man with a boy’s face stood outside Philz, a $$-on-Yelp coffee shop with a branch in the Tenderloin. He approached the sleek pre-yuppies going in and out and said, “Excuse me?”

He was white and young and fairly clean—nothing like the bums they’d ignored all day—so many stopped. When he then asked for change, they would duck and weave into the AC’d haven of $4 coffee with fresh mint sprigs. (The nice ones stumbled over an apology.) He moved on.

This Philz (a Bay Area chain) is on Van Ness and Turk, a block from Polk Street and its famous gay and transgender prostitutes. It backs up to [...]


Coffee Hut Named After Boobies Accused Of Doing Bad Thing

When a business is named Java Juggs can anyone really be surprised that it may be providing sexual services?


What Are The French Being Pretentious About Now?

It is nice to know that there are at least a few things we beat the French to being insufferable snobs about.