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'Citizens United': "The Purest Kind of Judicial Activism"

"The new majority opinion transformed Citizens United into a vehicle for rewriting decades of constitutional law in a case where the lawyer had not even raised those issues." —Take your time with the Jeffrey Toobin history of Citizens United. Save it for a rainy day! Oh look it's about to rain.


If Corporations Can Be People, Why Can't People Be Corporations?

“If human beings can make direct campaign contributions… and if, in Citizens United’s interpretation… corporations and human beings are entitled to equal political speech rights, then corporations must also be able to contribute within (the federal) limits." —That is logically true, U.S. District Court for Eastern Virginia! It's just one or two more steps until we give up the whole pretense.


Real America: Why Target Supports Tom Emmer

As we reported this week in our profile of Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, a PAC called MN Forward raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few weeks. MN Forward is using that money to run ads in support of Emmer, a Republican.

Target, long headquartered in Minneapolis, was one of the four corporate patrons of MN Forward. They forked over $100,000 cash and another $50,000 of in-kind goods and services. It's an odd move for a corporation that expresses support for gay rights. And it's your chance to stop whining and do something.