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The End Arrives in a Paper Cup

The newest project from The Mast Brothers—giant-bearded gingers who arrived on the shores of Williamsburg in exquisitely crafted aprons and denim shirts to make conscientiously sourced and highly articulate hand-crafted bean-to-bar chocolate after leaving behind soulless corporate lives—is called The Chocolate House, and it combines all of that painful earnestness with the trappings of a Fancy Coffee Shop, like cold brew and pourover chocolate. Pay heed, children. This may be one of the signs of The Brooklyn Apocalypse, come to pass. (via Eater)


Egg Bad

Hahahaha, "ova non grata."


It's A Good Thing 'Cathy' Is Already Dead Because This News About Chocolate Would Kill Her

"Hoard that Valentine's Day candy now, because chocolate prices are poised to head higher." —But what if you want to eat your feelings instead of hoard them? What if you didn't get any Valentine's Day candy at all because no one loves you? What if chowing down on that chocolate is the only thing that—for a few fleeting seconds of your day—helps you forget just how horrible things are? [...]


Eat Chocolate, Get Thinner

UGH, what is with everyone trying to freak me out about my teeth? Now I'm supposed to rub toothpaste on my gums? Where does it end? Although I guess if I go on the new chocolate diet it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to take a little more care of my mouth.


Chocolate Withholding

"Food could be love of a sort, but chocolate won’t text to say it misses me during the day."


The 'Town and Country' Profile Strikes Again: Elie Tahari Version

The August issue of Town and Country has arrived! I enjoy T&C, of course, because it is sealed off from the zeitgeist entirely. Recess-what? Spending crisis who? So the profile of designer Elie Tahari (who, among other things, co-founded Theory and sold his share for north of $50 million) is exceptionally pleasurable. They bought Rupert Murdoch's old triplex penthouse in SoHo! In the neighborhood, his wife Rory goes to Bikram and they like to eat at Omen, on Thompson. "They always run into friends there. 'Omen is the in-the-know neighborhood place for fashion people,' says Rory." YES WELL NOW IT IS RUINED, RORY! Oh but there are more fun quotes. [...]