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How Can Unions Win?

Kevin Bacon’s new video imploring millennials to raise their 80s awareness did not mention Billy Bragg’s 1986 song “There Is Power in a Union,” but the idea that there is any power in a union probably seems as remote to many millennials as parachute pants or the White Pages. Actually, this is probably true of anyone born after about 1965. It’s been a long time since we have thought that most workers can realistically be something other than lone and lonely individuals forced to accept whatever terms of employment they can find and hope not to get fired.

Strike for America: Chicago Teachers Against Austerity [...]

Did You Eat The Bones?

Food marketing is psychotic. It creeps. Smithsonian magazine ran a cover story with the headline How the Chicken Conquered the World. "Let us now praise chicken in all its extra-crispy glory! Chicken, the mascot of globalization, the universal symbol of middlebrow culinary aspiration!" That was last year. "Nothing is more worthless than an individual chicken," Joy Williams once observed. Not for Smithsonian. Obviously there was some war going on and the chickens kicked our ass.

It’s not just the birds. For a character in Francesco Pacifico’s novel The Story of my Purity, the place of psychosis is apricot pastries: "Industrial apricots had become humanity’s enemy number one, [...]


Notes From Inside Obama's Election Night Party In Chicago

5:45 The 146 bus dropped me off in front of Soldier Field and I started walking across empty parking lots, heading toward McCormick Place. It was raining and dark and the lights of election headquarters served as my guide. I thought about dwelling in that metaphor for a while, but I was in too much of a hurry to get inside.

The rally was being held in Hall D, a cement space the size of an airplane hangar. The guests hadn't been let in yet, so I had a chance to see the event stage across the empty hall. The press area was opposite the stage. National broadcasters had the [...]


Kanye West With DJs Khaled and Pharris, "Theraflu;" Kendrick Lamar And Dr. Dre, "The Recipe"

At this point, it's hard to imagine what's making Kanye West sound so cranky. The fact that his mink coat is dragging on the floor, I guess? Or that a beautiful woman he summoned to his hotel room arrived wearing underpants? Maybe it's just that he has a head cold. You're all stuffed up, sore throat, sinus pressure. That'll put anybody in a rotten mood. Whatever it is, for the music's sake, here's hoping he doesn't cheer up. 'Cause this song, which debuted on Funkmaster Flex's show on Hot97 just last night, sounds great.


A Guide to Topics Discussed and Ignored in Today's Election in Chicago




• "Starving people in Africa"

• Coffee and donuts in an airport

Jimmy John's

Bill Clinton

Jesse Jackson

Barack Obama

• A woman's own mind


Illinois Pol Departs Unindicted

Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley announced today that he was giving everyone at the White House a way to save face during Rahm Emanuel's forthcoming departure from the Chief of Staff position.


If The Mayor Of Chicago Offers To Give You A Safety Demonstration, SAY NO

"If I put this up your-ha!-your butt-ha ha!-you'll find out how effective this is!" -Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley, brandishing a rifle, responded to a reporter who asked whether he thought the city's strict gun regulations had been effective. Added the mayor, "If I put a round up your-ha ha!"


An Incredibly Long Conversation With Tim Rutili Of Califone

If you don’t like reading interviews about musical performers taking mushrooms, washing meat out of semi trucks, and about biblical figure Moses creaming his robe, Billy Corgan’s friends, Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock’s jaw, or first girlfriends dying way, way too soon, then just don’t click on this, or touch it or however you were planning on interacting with this, just stop.

If you like Califone, you know that their new record Stitches is very good, and you love how the music they make is an amalgamation of organic, folksy-type string instrumentation combined with technology (and by technology, I mean broken, misused/abused technology or often just the sound of electronic [...]


Chicago Has Hurt Feelings

"Why do Chicagoans care what New Yorkers think?" [Via]


The Chicago Tylenol Murders, 30 Years Later

Thirty years after the Tylenol murders in Chicago, are they about to commission a grand jury in the case? Also, there is an oral history of the Tylenol murders, if that's your sort of thing.


Where Will Winter Be Worst?

Happy-making sentence of the day: "Therefore, instead of New York City enduring the worst of winter this year, it will likely be Chicago." I mean, unless you live in Chicago. In which case, my sympathies.


Rahm In! A Nation Shrugs

Despite tens of thousands of protestors, police with teargas and a total shutdown of the Internet by the government, Rahm Emanuel will ultimately end up on the Chicago mayoral ballot.


Courtney Love Live: The Train That Never Really Wrecks

Hole has been touring hard this summer. The band is now in Minneapolis, then heading for Japan, then playing some west coast dates. Early on, the words "disaster" were being used-but by the time they got to Texas, the reports we were hearing were "amazing." Our chief Chicagoland correspondent reports in.

I woke up early the morning that the tickets for the Hole concert went on sale just in case the show sold out. The idea of seeing Courtney Love-a for-real rock icon-live made me freak out. I didn't bother to make plans with friends to see the show; I assumed that I'd know a handful of people [...]


Chicago Bathroom Sex Story Remains A Mystery Despite Scientific Reenactment

The folks at Apple Action News (see earlier entries) have turned their attention to the recent White Sox bathroom sex hijinks story, with rather remarkable results. As the sharp-eyed correspondent who spotted it points out:

1) the feet are NOT pointing up, as clearly stated; this answers none of our questions. 2) i think there is a person holding a boom mike up over the stall door, which is my favorite part of the whole video 3) those girls are straight out of a dove "real women" ad

The organist in the restroom is a nice touch as well. Also, good morning!


Inside America's Ghost Tour Industry

If you're a man driving alone on a certain stretch of Archer Avenue on Chicago's South Side, you may see a teenage girl on the side of the road, thumb out, trying to hitch a ride. If you stop for her—which, being a concerned citizen, you'll consider—you'll notice her outfit's a bit dated: a white formal dress and the kind of dancing shoes you might find in the back of your grandma's closet. There's something a little bit off about her, but you can't quite place what it is.

She'll say her name is Mary and she'll ask for a ride home, just up the road. When you approach [...]


Less Ambitious Raccoons Settle On Invading Chicago

Chicago, the city of broad asses, has a raccoon problem. They're everywhere! Hopefully they will figure out how boring that town is and go somewhere else before they become Italian beef. If that isn't happening already.


Meet Your New Food Magazine, "Graze"

The brand new Graze magazine, based out of Chicago and so far entirely supported by food events, has just published issue number one. You'll never take my subscription to Gastronomica but you definitely had me at "In search of Cambodia’s ancient stinky cheese"! Only $10 for the first issue!


Kinda Hot Crazy Dude In Charge of Chicago Now

Rahm Emanuel killed them in yesterday's election in Chicago, receiving more than twice the number of votes than the runner-up, Gery Chico, who has the name recognition of a smelly and obscure Asian fruit. (And more than six times the votes of Carol Moseley Braun, the only African-American woman to ever be elected to the U.S. Senate.) Now, Rahm will begin killin' em for real! I almost wish I lived in Chicago, taking your Ravenswood trains and going to, uh, the Loop I guess, on pretend business. Chicago is basically The Matrix, right? That's good, because Rahm is pretty much your Sims mayor.


Total Dick Polling Great in Chicago Mayor Race

More data for the "celebrity is everything in modern life" bonfire: Rahm Emanuel is polling at 44% for next month's mayoral election in Chicago. This is after he got fully shamed by all the other candidates at a meeting with the Chicago Tribune editorial board. Emanuel is the only candidate that supports legislation that would make teachers unable to strike; he's also the only one who says he might push back the retirement age for city employees. He probably has some good qualities too! I mean, lots of us have sometimes benefitted from having mayors who are total dicks. Though he is, of course, a [...]


Chicago Awl Bawl! This Sunday!

HEY CHICAGO! Your hosts Tyler Coates and Maura Johnston would love to receive you at 11 a.m. on Sunday, at WestEnd, on Madison west of Racine. Location chosen due to its 11-minute walking distance from the Pitchfork Festival! Time chosen so no one has to miss Best Coast!