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Ask Polly: How Do I Know If I Should Break Off My Engagement?

Hi Polly,

My fiance and I have been together on and off since we were 18; we are now 26. He was my first boyfriend, first kiss and he is the only person I have had sex with. After dating 20 months I asked for a break to date other people because I thought we were too young, at 20, to be as serious as we were. The beginning of our relationship felt magical. The innocence of first love, having never felt these types of feelings before. I believed in true love and the "one" and knew we'd make it back to each other.

Six months later we did [...]


This Test Will Self-Destruct In 25 Seconds

A few anti-cheating protections in place at the University of Central Florida, which is going way-high-tech in order to preserve (or re-institute?) its students' academic integrity, which has taken something of a hit in recent years: "No gum is allowed during an exam: chewing could disguise a student's speaking into a hands-free cellphone to an accomplice outside."


Ask Polly: Give Me One Reason Why I Shouldn't Cheat On My Wife


I'm a new reader and dig your crazy no-bullshit advice. But I'm writing not so much for advice, but to throw down the gauntlet. My understanding is that always ends well.

The subject is me cheating on my wife. I'm sick of feeling guilty about wanting to, and rationally I'm having a hard time figuring out why I shouldn't because I think it may actually help our marriage and improve the chances of us providing a happy home for our children. Clearly a convenient conclusion but one I've done a lot of thinking about.

Here are the supporting facts:

1. My wife is no longer interested in sex. [...]


Japanese Breakup Consultants Ready To Put On A Show That Will Set You Free

The late all-reality-TV network Fox Reality Channel used to have a family-themed variant on Cheaters called Sex Decoy: Love Stings. In the show, a mother and her daughters, all of whom worked for the Arizonan PI firm Mate Check Private Investigations, would try and trap men who were thought to be cheats into flirting, or maybe some light making out. (The uncomfortable "mother pimping out her own flesh and blood" overtones aside, I have to say that watching the squirming men can be sort of fun. But I like Cheaters, too.) In Japan, a similar service is performed by people known as "wakaresase-ya" (splitter-uppers), only there's [...]


How to Cheat and Plagiarize Your Way Through College

I think for a while we've all had a sense that there was a problem in our schools. Poor test scores, failing public schools, achievement gaps, all that bad stuff. We know that the Internet has made it impossible for young Americans, people barely eligible to vote while playing the lottery in a strip club, to "grasp that using words they did not write is a serious misdeed." In other words, we are not good at cheating anymore.


Dear Mr. McCormack

Dear Mr. McCormack,

I'm sorry for rejoicing over the prospect of your hometown being destroyed.