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Channing Tatum Causes Reflection On The Rapid Approach Of Death

It really has been The Year of Channing Tatum, hasn't it? Remember when he did that interview with the hungover guy? Also, this is where I might as well confess that at least 50% of the time I refer to him as Tatum Channing—not that I refer to him a lot, but when I do I am likely to get his name reversed, mostly because I am finally, irrevocably old and I don't retain things anymore. Like, the guy who played Bane in the Batman movie? Couldn't tell you his name without looking him up, although I hear he is hot behind the mask and somehow everyone [...]


Long Live The Working-Class Hunk

Look at Jeremy Renner, star of Bourne Legacy, and you'll see something familiar: a certain set to the jaw, a coiled muscle build, a face that looks, quite frankly, like it's been busted. You look at his body—the thick forearms, the barrel chest—and sense it was not made in the gym. It is a body that has labored, inflected with what Vulture's "Star Market" column calls "real, swaggering, gritty machismo." At 5'9", right about 150 pounds, and with the skin of a smoker, he could be your cousin.

I look around my hometown in northern Idaho, a burnt-out crater of a timber town, and I see men with [...]


A Raw Transcript Of My 20 Minutes With '21 Jump Street' Stars Channing Tatum And Jonah Hill

I had too much to drink the night before, but I managed to be early for my appointment at a Washington, DC hotel to talk with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, stars of the Major Motion Picture 21 Jump Street, a rebootery of the successful Fox TV show that launched the careers of Johnny Depp and Richard Grieco. In real life, Mr. Tatum's neck does not appear as disproportionately large as it does on the movie screen, and Mr. Hill appears thinner than when he was on the Oscars broadcast, in which he was a Nominee for Best Supporting Actor. Both gentlemen are very congenial.

Mr. Hill and Mr. Tatum [...]