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Willis Earl Beal And Cat Power Do Some Singing Together

If you enjoyed Willis Earl Beal, "Coming Through" (Featuring Chan Marshall) you will probably also like "Willis Earl Beal and Cat Power performing some of Bob Dylan's 'Pledging My Time' and Cat Power's 'Colors And The Kids.'" This starts out as the kind of performance we generously characterize as "loose" but you get these two together and you can't stop a certain kind of beauty from busting out. [Via]


Cat Power Cancels Tour

We were worried about Chan Marshall but apparently for the wrong medical reasons.


Cat Power, "Cherokee"; Frank Ocean "Pyramids"

Here is the new video for "Cherokee," the first song from Cat Power's new album, Sun. Below, you will find the new video for "Pyramids," the tenth song from Frank Ocean's new album, Channel Orange. Both of these songs are great. Frank Ocean's album is, I think, the best album to be released so far this year. Cat Power's album is, I think, also one of the best, and—at least based on a first week's listening—her best work since Moon Pix and The Covers Album marked her artistic peak at the turn of the century. (Well, her first artistic peak, hopefully.) Both these videos feature violence and a mysterious [...]


It's the Solstice, a Day of Magic (and Back Sweat)!

Happy first day of summer! Need a cooling center in New York City? Look here. Don't know what one is? Look here. Anyway: here comes the sun! AND IT BURNS. (Subscribe in iTunes.)


Willis Earl Beal, "Coming Through" (Featuring Chan Marshall)

You know what? Just play this sucker and enjoy it. Let's not complicate things. [Via]


Maybe I Should Have Gone To See Cat Power On Tuesday After All

"She looked sharp, in a new blonde Mohawk and high-heel boots. But her body language felt halfhearted. She was dithering. Uh oh. And then, just as surprisingly, she opened up and radically redefined her course. From there on the concert was good, occasionally very good." —The Times's Ben Ratliff reports Tuesday night's Cat Power concert at Hammerstein Ballroom as a comeback story. Attendees commenting at Brooklyn Vegan gave mixed reviews. She certainly sounds great performing "I Don't Blame You" in the video (passed along by Awl commenter "zspace," thanks.) above. It's very nice to see her smiling, too. Nothing would make me happier than if I [...]


You Should Be Listening To The New Cat Power

Stream Cat Power's Sun here. Do it. DO IT.


Happy First Anniversary, Neptune!

"It's a frozen lump of frozen gases and I suppose not a terribly friendly place. Let's wish it a happy birthday but perhaps let's keep as far away from it as we can as it won't give you a welcome." —British astronomer Alan Chapman, on the fact that tomorrow will mark the first anniversary of the discovery of of Neptune—in Neptunian years, which are 164.79 times longer than Earth years. It was on September 24, 1896 that Johann Gottfried Galle, using theoretical predictions made earlier by French mathematician Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier (and, of course, a telescope) officially discovered the eighth planet in our solar system, 4.4 billion [...]


Cat Power, "Manhattan"

Hey, can you see your favorite neighborhood spot in Cat Power's new video? Tompkins Square Park? Doyers Street in Chinatown? The basketball courts on Christie and Houston? Economy Candy on Rivington? Max Fish? The Prince Street subway station? No, you can't. Those places aren't in your neighborhood anymore because you moved to Brooklyn like all the rest of your friends. And you can never be Manhattan. Never again. You're old and you suck and you aren't even allowed to look at the moon anymore.


Cat Power Is Playing Tonight, But I Won't Be Going To See Her

Let's look on the bright side for a moment and watch this video that director Aaron Rose made for the song "Nothin But Time" from Cat Power's recent album, Sun. (Well, actually, Rose is calling this a "trailer" for a longer "short film" he will set to the entire 11 minutes of the song as it appears on the album. That will be good because we'll then get to hear Iggy Pop's wonderful cameo at the end of the song.) The video stars Jade and Hazel Altheide, teenage sisters who live near Albuquerque, New Mexico and ride BMX bikes in sun dresses.

It's very beautiful. (We know [...]


Cat Power, "Ruin"

Watch Cat Power spray paint the name of her new song on the ground! Look at her cute new pixie haircut! Gaze upon the watery rainbow that arcs across the cover to her forthcoming album, Sun! Note how the piano sounds like that from Tears for Fears' "Head Over Heels"! Wonder whether the lyrics are about her recent break-up with Giovanni Ribisi. And most of all, dig those tasty, Stonesy guitar licks! I don't know who played them, but I do not think it's Teenie Hodges!


Moonshine Enjoys Resurgence In Popularity: 'Moonshiner' Still a Great Song

"It's a symbol for us. The way the Confederate flag used to be. But the flag today has taken on so many unfortunate associations, nobody feels good about showing it anymore. So we've embraced moonshine: making it, moving it, drinking it. Moonshine has become a point in our identity. It's a way of saying, ‘I'm from here.'" -The resurgence of moonshine brings to mind the nice article on the history and production of the stuff Garden & Gun magazine did last year. And also, the many versions of the classic folk ballad that goes with it. Here are six more, in ascending order of my preference. [...]