Cassius, "Feel Like Me" (featuring Cat Power)

In a better world this would be the song of the summer.

It’s Friday, the horror in Cleveland has ended, and for the next two days at least you can maintain enough of an ignorant stupor that the unrelenting agonies of this world seem, if not soluble, distant enough that they are someone else’s problem. Sure, it will be hot, but guess what, it’s summer, that’s what happens. And if you’re a New Yorker, you’ve still got winter in your soul. You can handle a little heat.

Listen, let me level with you: Everything is terrible and only getting worse. Anyone who tells you any different is lying, either because they need to convince themselves of that so that they can keep doing all the terrible things they’re doing without thinking too hard about how they are contributing the incremental awfulness we face every day, or because they are lucky enough to actually believe it in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. But things are bad and they’re not going to get better and we’re all trudging toward the tomb. So when something comes along that distract you even a little bit from that you’re a fool if you pass it up.

Here is such a thing: a collaboration between French blippy-bloopy merchants Cassius and Cat Power that is just delightful and amazing and terrific and helps you forget however briefly just how fucking hopeless our future is. Play it as often as you need to, and enjoy. I don’t want to tell you how quickly it will be Monday again.