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Have You Worried About Cancer Yet Today?

Could that zit on your nose be cancer? You wouldn't click through if the answer was "probably not," would you?


Ten Songs To Listen To While You Celebrate The 100th Anniversary Of The American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society was founded in New York City on May 22, 1913. (That's a hundred years ago today.) Back then it was called the American Society for the Control of Cancer. It's funny to think of "celebrating" in terms of a disease like cancer. And it sure would be better if there was never any need for an American Cancer Society in the first place. But here we are, left saying "fuck cancer" anytime someone like David Rakoff or Adam Yauch dies way, way too young, and so to the people who are working so hard to make it be so that we [...]


Dear Mom

(This letter is an excerpt from the new memoir Public Apology, out today!)

Sorry for choosing Hannah and Her Sisters when you asked me to go out and rent some movies for our family to watch to get our minds off the fact that Dad had been diagnosed with cancer.

You remember, I'm sure, that this was just a couple weeks before I graduated from high school. It must have been a weekend, because we were all at home in the afternoon. Dad walked in to the TV room with his friend David Landy. You could tell that David Landy had been crying.

"The doctor just hit me [...]


Your Couch Cushions Are Also Giving You Cancer

"Eight out of 10 couches contain flame retardant chemicals that are linked to heightened cancer risk, developmental delays in children or are lacking adequate health information, according to a study released today by UC Berkeley and Duke University researchers." —There's another reason to get off the sofa: It's giving you the cancer.


Guess Who's Back? The Evil New Agers


Visualizing a downpour of rain on Colorado.

— Marianne Williamson (@marwilliamson) June 28, 2012

Neat! Megalomaniacal New Age preacher-shill Marianne Williamson has been mounting a comeback and I didn't even know it! She is a wingnut, and a former associate of the uber-wingnut Louise Hay, who—well, let her tell you her own parable of manifesting a sore throat because she wants to be pitied. You know, because we all make ourselves sick with our thoughts. HOW do you beat those thoughts? I'm glad you asked.


A Very Beautiful Visualization of Cancer Survival

This is a gorgeous drawing and also an excellent explainer, actually, about cancer, survival and math. (via)


Experts: Thing You Kind Of Knew Was Bad For You Is Bad For You

"An international panel of experts says cellphones are possibly carcinogenic to humans after reviewing details from dozens of published studies…. The group classified cellphones in category 2B, meaning they are possibly carcinogenic to humans. Other substances in that category include the pesticide DDT and gasoline engine exhaust."


Have You Smoked Enough For A Scan?

" An influential government health panel recommended on Monday that heavy smokers get an annual CT scan to check for lung cancer, a major change in policy that experts said had the potential to save 20,000 lives a year…. The recommendation is aimed at a high-risk population of current and former smokers: about 10 million people ages 55 to 80 who have smoked at least a pack a day for 30 years, or the equivalent, even if they quit as long as 15 years ago, said Dr. Michael LeFevre, a professor of medicine at the University of Missouri and a member of the task force." BRB, doing some math.


Men Share Opinions About Angelina Jolie's Preventative Double Mastectomy… #subtweetingangelina

— Matthew Zeitlin (@MattZeitlin) May 14, 2013

love to Angelina, but if the cure to breast cancer is that woman have to get their breasts removed before they get cancer, we are in trouble

— Michael Skolnik (@MichaelSkolnik) May 14, 2013

"Raising awareness" about a test that is too expensive to be affordable for most people is kind of problematic.

— Aaron Bady (@zunguzungu) May 14, 2013

Meanwhile, #CNN 's premier story on their web page is Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy. #journalism

— Justin Evans (@Justinevans0502) May 14, 2013

“You know what would be news? [...]


Try Not To Catch Face Cancer From An Endangered Tasmanian Devil!

"Biologists first encountered the cancer in the late 1990s. The tumors grew on the devils’ faces or inside their mouths, and within six months the animals were dead. The first cases appeared in eastern Tasmania, and with each passing year the cancer’s range expanded westward. When scientists examined the cells in the tumors, they got a baffling surprise. The DNA from each tumor did not match the Tasmanian devil on which it grew. Instead, it matched the tumors on other devils. That meant that the cancer was contagious, spreading from one animal to another." —Nature, in all its weird and terrifying glory, is killing off the already endangered Tasmanian [...]


What Will Kill Us If Cancer Won't? Oh, Death Blimps

"Our latest estimations show that for many cancers, adjusting for age, death rates are set to fall dramatically in the coming decades." —University of London cancer researcher Peter Sasieni discusses cheery recent medical science data. Meanwhile, in the field of military science, Californian airship manufacturer Aeros is designing the Aeroscraft Ballast-less Variable Buoyancy Cargo Airlift Vehicle. This looks like a super-cool spaceship that could bring food to starving people in desolate, difficult-to-reach places. But judging from the video above, which is enjoyably labeled "DO NOT COPY OR DISTRIBUTE" on YouTube, it will instead be used to bring tanks to the Antarctica for when we go to WW III [...]


Killer Mike And El-P, "Butane"

I was lucky enough to have been at Santos Party House on Monday night, where this great thing happened when Killer Mike came onstage at the release party for El-P's new album Cancer 4 Cure. They were going to perform a song called "Butane"—a duet from Killer Mike's new album, R.A.P. Music, which El-P produced—but there was a glitch with the music equipment. It turned out that El-P didn't have the R.A.P. Music instrumental tracks with him. So they did it a capella, and it ended up being even better that way. The whole concert was excellent. (I know I have been going on about these [...]


Handy List Of Cancer-Causers

Here you will find a list of things the Daily Mail has claimed give you cancer. [SPOILER: Includes Worcestershire sauce.]


Some Awesome Things To Say To A Cancer Patient

You've lost so much weight. You look fantastic! Thanks for noticing! My doctor says I'm malnourished.

You're strong and I know you can beat this. Are you going to be disappointed in me if I die?

I read that kelp/almonds/asparagus have magical anti-cancer properties. You should definitely eat some, then.

I know what you're going through. Your grandfather's colostomy bag does not make you an expert on my medical situation.

That reminds me of when my dog/cat/gerbil had a tumor on her leg. I'm sure that was heartbreaking for you.


Ask Polly: How Do You Handle The Death of a Facebook Friend?

Dear Polly,

What do you do when a Facebook friend who you vaguely know dies suddenly? What's the most sanity-inducing route of dealing with the fact that you have weird online links to their internet presence? A childhood friend passed away this week at the age of 32. It was a surprise. I had not talked to her in about five years, after a fairly disastrous night at a bar that ended with her drinking too much and haranguing me for an hour. But we were childhood friends, and played sports together, and I played at her house, and I enjoyed talking to her when I knew her from ages [...]


If Your Lunch Doesn't Kill You What You Heat It Up In Will

Will reheating food in plastic containers give you the cancers? Probably. I mean, everything else seems to, so it seems unlikely that it wouldn't. On the other hand, you're gonna die anyway, and carrying around a ceramic bowl is super-inconvenient. It's a toss-up, I guess.


Ladies: Even A Single Cigarette Can Immediately Kill You

Bad news for women who like to have a cigarette now and then while drinking a six pack of wine: Even one smoke more than doubles your risk of keeling over dead from a heart attack. Results from a three-decade study that followed the health habits of 101,000 American nurses found that even very light smoking dramatically increased the incidence of "sudden cardiac death"—these are the sneaky kind of heart attacks that just knock people over dead, with no warning and no previously known medical conditions.

Light-to-moderate smokers were twice as likely to die of sudden heart problems than those who had never smoked. But those who quit [...]


Nile Rodgers Is 60

"And then there was the matter of how they talked. My parents and their friends spoke this exotic language very slowly. There were other odd things. For instance, they often slept standing up, and this group narcolepsy could strike right in the middle of the most dynamic conversation. Someone would start a sentence: 'Those ofay cats bopping out on the stoop are blowin’ like Birrr . . . ' and suddenly the words would begin to come out slower. And. Slower. Soon they wouldn’t be speaking at all. Eventually our living room would be filled with black and white hipsters suspended in time and space, while I ran through the [...]


Caffeine Cures Cancer

"Scientists have worked out how caffeine might protect against certain skin cancers – a finding that could lead to better sunscreens. The research, conducted in mice, suggests that caffeine changes the activity of a gene involved in the destruction of cells that have DNA damage and are therefore more likely to become cancerous. The scientists said this may lead to new ways of preventing skin cancer, though other experts cautioned that it did not mean coffee lovers were better protected against the disease." —Science now knows why coffee lovers are better protected against skin cancer.


Actually Awesome Things to Say to a Cancer Patient

Now that we've covered what not to say, let's talk about some winning things to say to somebody with cancer.

These are my preferences after more than 20 years as a cancer patient, then a cancer survivor, and then a cancer patient again. Clearly different things are going to bug different people. You will do the best you can because you're a nice person, and your friend with cancer will be able to tell that you are doing the best you can. Don't over-think this.

1. I don't know what to say. If you're feeling uncomfortable talking to us, we can probably tell. The best way to dispel [...]