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28 Years with Weird Al

My Bubby and Zaydee came to visit from Florida and I couldn’t wait to share my all-time favorite musician with them: Weird Al. I sang every single song from his first two albums. I showed them the video for “Eat It,” which we had taped off of MTV. “Why do his eyes turn yellow at the end of the video?” I asked, having never seen the Michael Jackson video for “Beat It.” They were slightly confused. “Because sometimes people eat bad food and then their livers don’t work and so their eyes turn yellow,” Bubby said. “Don’t you love it?” I asked. I decided she must because she understood things [...]


Local Gay Upset About Near-Death of Camp

"A couple of Sundays ago I had a gnarly mood swing in front of the telly. It happened while Kate Winslet was frowning and mumbling her way through the third episode of Mildred Pierce, the HBO miniseries directed by Todd Haynes…. Clearly there is a conspiracy afoot to deprive us all of the one thing that can make life bearable. Something must be done to protect and promote the endangered majesty of camp." —Homosexual Puts Foot Down, Cries Enough!


"Showgirls" Is A Good Movie

Maybe you're sick of discussing awful male directors. Or maybe you think there are male directors who are awful, but still need a defense based on the strength of their work, or even that they are misunderstood geniuses and not awful at all. You've seen the films and yes, you recognize the misogyny, the excessive violence, the homophobia, but you can recognize that without throwing away the gorgeous cinematography, the artful cadence of the dialogue, the contributions he's made to the field of filmmaking. And so to heck with society's puritanical standards of good taste, you're just going to keep watching those Woody Allen movies and you don't care who [...]


The End of Camp and the Love of the Bad: 'Troll 2'

Last week we talked about celebrating the sacrifice of money and sweat in the process of creating something horrible-sort of the end of camp, in this age when everything pleasurable is good, even if it is very bad? (Maybe the actual death of irony, ten years late???) Now comes the official celebration party for Troll 2, pretty much officially the worst movie ever made. Writes Wired: "And unlike the winking reverie that greeted Snakes on a Plane, the affection for Troll 2 wasn't the result of studio marketing; it was born of the Internet's sincere (or at least ironically sincere) appetite for undiscovered crap – and the [...]


Roughing It

Summer 2012: "But in the last few years, camp food has increasingly become camp cuisine, transformed from an afterthought to a prominent place at the table. Camps no longer hire cooks; they hire chefs…. The locavore farm-to-table movement has also had an impact on the camps, many of which are in rural areas."

Summer 2011: "For decades, parents in the Northeast who sent their children to summer camp faced the same arduous logistics of traveling long distances to remote towns in Maine, New Hampshire and upstate New York to pick up their children or to attend parents’ visiting day. Now, even as the economy limps along, more [...]


Possibly Satirical (But Probably Not!) Piece on Gay Renunciation

Sometimes, mostly when things are English, one cannot tell if they are straightforward or sarcastic or totally invented. This first-person essay? No idea. "True, I never liked football or fighting and I do make a beautifully light Victoria sponge when the need arises. But I shamble like a bloke, I burp and fart without shame and I've never really got Barbra Streisand. There was a little voice, lost long ago in the drowning din of my homosexuality, that still called quietly; the smothered, smaller voice of a boy who liked girls. And then, two summers ago, I met Olga. She was a knockout-looking Ukrainian, washed ashore as a [...]