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This Week in Lines

Jeff Koons Retrospective, The Whitney — July 25th, 4:06PM

Location: 75th St. and 5th Ave. Length: 68 people Weather: 81 and partly cloudy Crowd: Diverse enough to make any Koons collector (and their wallet) swell with pride. Mood: A despondent tourist whined to her friends. A native clutching an "I *insert giant ballon rabbit* Koons" tote smirked as she took her place at the back of the line. Wait Time: 30-45 minutes Lingering Question: How many visitors does it take to raise the value of a Jeff Koons work by one percent?


Neko Case and Calexico, "Ragtime"

You had me at "Neko Case" but if that had not been enough you would have had me at "and Calexico." This is almost too much of a good thing, but whatever, I'll take it, there is so little joy in my life these days that it would be crazy to complain about a surfeit of such. I give this five !s.