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That Big Study About How the Student Debt Nightmare Is in Your Head? It's Garbage

The worries are exaggerated: Only 7% of young adults with student debt have $50,000 or more.

— David Leonhardt (@DLeonhardt) June 24, 2014

Doesn't that sound like a fact? Well, it's something that might be a fact.

The Brookings Institute Institution (!!!) is here to tell you that the whole fable of debt-panicked young people in America is a lie! And their study comes complete with a huge announcement in the New York Times, which puts a rather snide slant on the whole thing. It's all in your head, millennials! "Only 7 percent of young-adult households with education debt have $50,000 or more of it," [...]


Of 16 'Observer' Departures in the Last Year, 12 Were Women or Gay Men

75% of the editorial staffers whose careers at the New York Observer predate the current editor that have since departed the paper are women or gay men. The current editor, Kyle Pope, was hired eleven months ago. As of this week, there are zero women editors at the paper, excluding the managing editor, Una La Marche. There are two women on the masthead's list of ten "writers" and two women on the masthead's list of 14 "contributing writers."


New York City's Brave Future Looks Like the Past: Heterosexual White Gentiles Will Run This Town

"Insurgents think of things we didn't think about or were too lazy to mull over much. They have the spirits of street fighters. But whether you like them personally doesn't really matter. That economy that flattened dreams all over? It emboldened them," says today's Observer, delivering their end-of-year list of 56 or so hot young-ish people (under 40) making inroads in our various economies. Okay, well, here we are on the Internet, which is the department of petty complaints, so: While the economy may have emboldened these great people, it sure didn't emblacken them. Of the 56 people included, there's one Southeast-Asian-American, one lone black man, one African-born woman [...]


The Two Brooklyn Neighborhoods That Got White Almost Overnight

The Fordham Institute analyzed the fastest-whitening neighborhoods in America between 2000 and 2010, according to census data. Brooklyn had four of the most-whitened zip codes of the top 25 most-whitened zip codes in all of America. We win!

And when you map it out, those four zip codes actually make up just two areas that are contiguous. I've combined them here on Google Maps.

• First: 11238 and 11205. That's Prospect Heights, essentially, to the south, and then where Fort Greene and Clinton Hill meet. Lemme tell you, I was right living right there in the middle, on the Clinton Hill/Fort Greene border, last week, and glorious Clinton Avenue [...]


Manhattan's Millionaires-on-Paper (May Be Mostly In Brooklyn!)

In looking at the recent wild estimate that there are 667,200 "millionaires" in New York City-supposedly up nearly 20% from 2008-it's important to pull back and look at what makes someone a millionaire on paper. The number one marker in New York City of this semi-mythical, marvelous status is home ownership.


Gawker Media's Real Traffic

This quite severe-looking chart has been floating around this morning: it shows unique visitors to the front page of five Gawker Media sites, not all uniques to the site, and is based on Gawker Media internal stat pages (which are described as "broken" by the company). And everyone is making a big "Gawker is doomed" stink over it, but I don't buy the numbers being representative, really; see directly-measured Quantcast, above. (N.B. Trust Quantcast for directly measured traffic, as in this case, but not "sampled" traffic.)

Still, it's interesting that Denton is sending out pageview charts in response, as he doesn't care about pageviews. "Search traffic [...]


In the Last Year, It's Like the Entire City of Philadelphia Lost Their Jobs

New employment numbers today! Here's a brief digest for you. 48,000 people were hired by the census; "Service-producing industries added 121,000, including 39,000 in government." There were 13,310,000 unemployed people a year ago; as of this March, there were 15,005,000. The number of people unemployed for more than six months is double what it was a year ago. Average weekly earnings went from $750.72 to $763.98 over the course of a year. The full-time worker ("unemployed persons who have expressed a desire to work full time or are on layoff from full-time jobs") unemployment rate was 9.3% a year ago; it is now 10.5%.