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How Bookstores Survive

Here's a look at how six great independent bookstores make it in the big city, which is actually a question I have always wanted answered. The Park Slope Community Bookstore has done it in part by catering to Park Slope's child-related needs, which seems obvious; BookCourt did it by buying their building and, eventually, the building next door. PowerHouse Arena, as anyone who goes to things knows, does it by tirelessly having things to go to (and lots and lots of space rental). The lovely Greenlight books did it through canny investment and fundraising and by being a bookstore where a bookstore was needed. And Sarah McNally of McNally [...]


Funk Terrifies White Woman

"A few minutes before my reading, store employee Marshall popped in my CD. Not 30 seconds into my go-go playlist, a white woman went to the cashier to complain. The song in question wasn’t even a go-go song. It was Parliament’s 1970s funk classic 'Chocolate City'—a song that took on a moniker that was being used by Washingtonians celebrating the city’s first elected mayor, a black man named Walter Washington: 'What’s happening, C.C. They still call in the White House, but that’s a temporary condition….' The blonde woman marched straight to the cashier, who referred her to the owner of Politics & Prose. She said the music was 'racist' and [...]


Here You Can Buy McSweeney's And All Those Other Various Random Literary Journals That Are Just Like It

From our Brooklyn Bookstore Correspondent Emily Gould comes this photo. It was taken in Word, the lovely independent bookstore in Greenpoint. Go on over, and support your local bookstore! Oh and while you're there, please steal this hilarious sign. Emily points out: "It's like if instead of 'FICTION' at Barnes and Noble there was a sign that said 'Twilight and other novels.'"


What We Learned From Bill, The Old Man In The Kenyon College Bookstore

  • He saved the world from destruction with his rocket science. He and Wernher von Braun saved the world and all its vegetables.
  • Smoking will make you impotent.
  • He knows "Goodnight Irene" in German.
  • He was raised by nuns because he was an orphan, but he was kicked out when he made a pass at a nun novice. "Early pooberty." He was 9. She was 13.
  • Crazy hats get you a good job.
  • Irene's skin has a pink glow so she'll have at least 3 children.
  • He dated a [...]

Go Buy a Book in the East Village

The lovely St. Mark's Bookshop is hoping for a $5000 reduction each month in their $20,000 monthly rent—and they expect to perhaps hear from their landlord, Cooper Union, today.

A reduction of $5000 a month! Why, that's all of 250 purchases at a (very low) estimated average purchase price per customer of $20. (That would be eight customers a day.) I would describe that as a harrowing view into the store's finances and costs.


Last Great Job in America Available

Ever wanted to run an independent bookstore? Maybe one in picturesque rural Virginia, in October and November? Now's your chance.

The owners of Tales of the Lonesome Pine used bookstore in Big Stone Gap (pop. 5,400) have put out a call for a bookstore-sitter. They will provide lodging and provisions in exchange for the bookstore-sitter keeping the store's doors open for two months.

BRB!!! (Nice folks!)


Saving the St. Mark's Bookshop (From Itself)

The St. Mark's Bookshop has been the beneficiary of a much-Twittered petition to its landlord this last week. Just a little over two years ago, the bookstore signed a new ten-year lease for $20,000 a month. ($240,000 a year; that's 9,234 full-price hardback copies of The Art of Fielding, or, 36% of Chad Harbach's advance for The Art of Fielding.) That lease expires in a bit under eight years. Now the owners say it's onerous (so what were they thinking!?) and they have a meeting with their landlord, Cooper Union, this week. (Their last meeting was ineffectual, the owners said; since, a City Councilmember and [...]