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What's White And Read All Over?

@SarahMaslinNir @errollouis @deBlasioNYC is the city hall press corps really all white?

— Nick Malinowski (@nwmalinowski) March 11, 2014

I mean, probably not, right? Anyway, I hope everyone here is wearing sunscreen.


The High-Stakes Crushed Or Fried Debate

"A high-octane debate has broken out among the world’s physicists about what would happen if you jumped into a black hole, a fearsome gravitational monster that can swallow matter, energy and even light. You would die, of course, but how? Crushed smaller than a dust mote by monstrous gravity, as astronomers and science fiction writers have been telling us for decades? Or flash-fried by a firewall of energy, as an alarming new calculation seems to indicate?" [...]


Who Will Lose Because Of The Crucial 'Halo 4' Demographic?

Will the release of Halo 4 "keep dedicated players from voting"? Um, I hope so?


Pretty Much Irrefutable Proof That There Is A God

I know how cool we all like to play it because we’re so young and so beautiful and nothing bad will ever happen to us in our lives! Our youth and our beauty will protect us. But our grandparents were once young if maybe not quite as beautiful. Everything ends eventually, and at some point you may want to start hedging your bets and believing in a higher power, if only to get the goodies that comes along with the benefits of membership. I’d much rather spend the afterlife playing golf with President Coolidge and Charlotte Bronte than not-existing. Or burning in Hell with all the popes ever, for that [...]


What Should We Call People Who Enjoy A Drink?

"Everybody thinks they know what an 'alcoholic' is, but what about those who drink too much but fall short of the common definitions of alcoholism? Should there be a word that bridges the gap between alcoholic and non-alcoholic?" —Yes! How about "pal," "buddy," "friend," "fun person," "bon vivant," "life enjoyer" or "someone other people want to be around"? I think all of those work!

Photo by Kzenon, via Shutterstock


Why Are You Such A Suggestible Drunk?

"Ever wondered why you ordered a Cosmo in 2010, an absinthe cocktail in 2011, a malt whiskey in 2012, and are rocking up to the bar for a Moscow Mule this year?"


Does Anyone Remember The Old Ways Of Masturbation?

There are all sorts of questions still surrounding the storm and its aftermath, and this is certainly not the most important query, but I still can't help wondering: How are people without power masturbating now?


I Learned It From Watching Sally Draper

Yes, this actually happened.


Maybe Partying Will Help

The next mayor won't be as much of a departure from the current one as everyone is pretending he will be, but will he go to [...]


People Get Different Things From Drinking

"You know how sometimes you come home after a few drinks and have a strange, overwhelming urge to clean everything?"


Hard-Packed Ice Cream Or Soft-Serve?

Part of a series: Two choices—which do you choose?

Ice cream is way more fun to eat in the summer, especially if you like to go to places where they serve it to you in a cup or cone, because it’s like, a very American Summer kinda activity, hitting the ice cream place for something cold and sweet and bad for you, and in the summer, more than the other seasonals, the mere act of Hey I’m Going To Get Some Ice Cream, or Hey Let’s Go Get Some Ice Cream becomes a Social and Cultural Event, because you are gonna go to a place where lotsa other Peoples [...]


Baby Panda Confuses, Disgusts

Help me out here: What exactly is so cute about this baby panda? It looks like a freakish screaming rodent to me. Am I just being a dick? I don't get all the "awww."