Fellas, Should You Roll Up Your Sleeves?

Here’s the answer!

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The New York Times is wondering if it is proper for a man to wear a shirt with the sleeves rolled. It’s a good question, to which the answer can only be, Who gives a fuck? Why would you think it matters anymore? In what world are there ideals or codes any longer? What difference does it make whether or not a man’s sleeves are rolled or extended when we have clearly decided that there is nothing so heinous that it would disqualify you from occupying the most important office in the land? Given what we have decided is important now — which is nothing — who can seriously stand up and say that the way you wear your shirt is either acceptable or offensive? What does “offensive” even mean in an America where dozens of wealthy white men can stand in front of the country behind a self-professed sex assaulter to grin and cheer about their success in attempting to deny the weakest and poorest among us the same access to lifesaving medical care which they and their corporate paymasters are so generously provided? Are you fucking kidding me with this question? Look, at some point we are all going to pass away from the face of the Earth, and it seems like it is going to be sooner rather than later, but for however much longer it lasts I don’t want anyone to make a big deal about the appropriateness of attire and whether it should be tucked or folded or any of it anymore. And yes, that includes shorts. Go crazy, grown men. Wear Speedos if you want. Wear thongs. NOTHING MATTERS NOW AND THERE ARE NO STANDARDS TO WHICH WE NEED ADHERE BECAUSE WE HAVE DECIDED THAT THE ONLY SOCIETY FOR WHICH WE ARE RESPONSIBLE IS THE ONE WE ENTERED BY BIRTH OR LUCK AND EVERYONE ELSE CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY DON’T DESERVE ANYTHING BETTER. I don’t give a shit about your sleeves. I wish we were all dead, especially me. Thank you for your attention.

Should a Man Roll Up His Sleeves?