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Bill Finally Comes Due In Ghent

"He was a 'happy-go-lucky' guy who was notorious for spicing up life on benefits in the medieval Belgian town of Ghent by strolling into a restaurant, calmly ordering lobster washed down with the finest brandy or some other gastronomic delight and then walking out without paying the bill." You'll never believe what happened next!


Homeless Beauty Contest Almost As Outrageous As Homelessness

Feminist groups in Belgium are angry about a "Miss Homeless" competition which offered a prize of a year's free rent to one lucky-and presentable-undomiciled lady. "I am outraged," said an activist. "These girls turned into puppets parodying their own life. Absolutely pathetic." If you're scoring at home, "Therese Van Belle, 58, was crowned the winner of the competition when she beat nine other finalists – who will now all go back on the streets."


I Wish I Were A Belgian Pigeon

"Six racing pigeons in Belgium were found to have been doped with drugs such as cocaine and painkillers, newspapers in the country say."


News From Abroad

"An 18-year-old Belgian housewife said Tuesday she will sue a local tattoo parlor, where she got 56 star tattoos on her face instead of the three as she had originally asked for." Why is "18-year-old housewife" the most striking part of that sentence?! (Oh yes, there is video.)


Remind Me Never To Go Skydiving With Dudes I Have Cuckolded

"A week before the fatal jump, the two women spent the night in his flat, Ms. Van Doren sharing his bed while Ms. Clottemans slept on a mattress or sofa. Ms. Clottemans would have had the opportunity of sabotaging the other woman's parachutes, which were in the flat at the time, investigators say." -To avoid: formation skydiving with fellow members of a love triangle.