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White Guy Comfort Zone Massaged

"So: Morning Phase. From the opening splat of the snare, my white guy comfort zone is massaged by its steady plod."


Difficult Listening Hour: Beck's Harry Partch Tribute

Of course NME and Pitchfork are trying to make it all about a beef with Radiohead (who, by the by, do tend to get overpraised even though, no, they don't blow) but the point is: Beck has a new song up for streaming on his website. Be patient if it takes some time to load (as it did for me). The new track isn't actually "10 and a half minutes of insanity," though "Harry Partch" is indeed a very engaging and lovely tribute to the American oddball composer of the same name.


Beck, "Blue Moon"

I am really into this song, but as someone who is sad and tired all the time and who spends most of his days in a deep morass of despair that seems impossible to break out of and who is only briefly comforted by a nostalgia that swiftly loses its powers of consolation on my recollection that the past was just as terrible as the present is and the only difference is the days that have already disappeared were filled with more potential for poor choices and desperate decisions and that those choices have all been made, badly, so now I am left with nothing but the terrible consequences [...]


Beck Featuring Thurston Moore, "Santorini"

On March 1, 1994, Beck's major-label debut Mellow Gold — you know, the one with "Loser" — was released. Another album that came out that day? The Greek multi-instrumentalist Yanni's Live At The Acropolis, which sold more than four million copies and brought the genre "New Age" to many a suburban living room. The alt-rock icon celebrated this coincidence by covering the album in its entirety as part of his Record Club, during which he and a bunch of his pals recreate old albums over the course of a day. The first track on Acropolis, "Santorini," is recreated in the above clip; Beck drafted Sonic Youth's Thurston [...]