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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "She's On It/Jack The Ripper"

Beastie Boys + Link Wray + Friday = play. Solved. [Via]


Comical Dog Puppet Mocks Hippies

This happened on Friday night, and we're just getting to it now, but whatever, why are you still online anyway? Enjoy this video of Triumph The Insult Comic Dog at the big Bonnaroo music fest in Tennessee. [Via]


Lesson Learned

"We know this is only one of the many mistakes we're bound to make as we grow our business. The great thing about mistakes is how much you can learn from them. As trying as this experience was, we have learned a valuable lesson," say the people who got all that publicity for using that Beastie Boys song in an ad a while back.


The Greatest Beastie Boys Lyrical References To New York, In Order

30. "I'm the Kung Fu Master vs. The Sumo Wrestler Got the beats in Manhattan you can hear in Westchester" —"Do It"

29. "I love it when you hit those switches A curve ball's what my pitch is So here we here we come Like dum ditty dum I keep all five boroughs in stitches" —"The Negotiation Limerick File"