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How To Stop Being Such An Angry Dick

"Uncontrollable anger could be cured by taking aspirin after scientists found excessive bouts of rage may be the result of an inflammation in the body. Intermittent explosive disorder, which is sometimes known as ‘anger syndrome’ usually begins in late teens and is defined ‘as a failure to resist aggressive impulses.’… However researchers in the US found that people diagnosed with IED had higher markers of inflammation in the blood than those with cooler heads and average tempers."


Stop Taking Vitamins, Start Taking Aspirin

"Taking aspirin regularly can cut the long-term risk of cancer," at least this week. Next week it will probably be found responsible for testicular explosions or something. You just can't win.


Aspirin Prevents Cancer AND Sluttiness

Aspirin: Is there anything it can't prevent? On that subject, if aspirin is so good for you, how come everyone is all, oh, take a low dose? I'm gonna take a full dose and get me some extra cancer prevention!


How Much More Does Aspirin Cost Today?

One thing aspirin is not: polarizing. If you are going to have a tiff with a friend, aspirin will not be the topic. Aspirin is actually a great unifier—it’s one of the sundries that can be found in every home across the country. Aspirin is easy to find, and it is here to help. With all sorts of things, of course, but between you and me, mostly hangovers. And people who are paranoid of incipient heart disease, they also are big aspirin fans.

Perhaps you yourself are one of those people who overindulge in the bendy elbows and/or quiet fears of your own mortality. So let’s [...]