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Five Super-Easy Tips For Dealing with the Apocalypse! From Our Partners At 'Living Lady!' Magazine

1) Don't think of this as "The End." Technically, it's the end of the world. But every end brings a new beginning! Instead of focusing on the bombs and the toxic clouds and the eventual death of every living thing on earth, consider, instead, what might spring to life next. A vibrant and adventurous new species that thrives on the ashes and nuclear toxins we left behind? A deeply intuitive breed of mutant slugs that can suck oxygen out of the tiny bubbles found between styrofoam Hardee's cups, seeping car batteries, and decomposing copies of Snooki's autobiography? When one door closes, another one always opens. In this case, there won't [...]


Gmail Outage: Share Your Memories

For an hour or two today, Gmail was down. The entire world basically screeched to a halt. The economy crashed. A monkey in a coat wandered around an Ikea, in Toronto. And in offices everywhere, people were forced to talk to each other. Why did we ever think it was a good idea to trust our entire life to an Internet text-ad company that thought "Google+" was a good idea?

What did you do during the Great Mayan Apocalypse of December 10, 2012? Was it "fun," or did you keep trying to reload Gmail every thirty seconds, like a drug-addicted laboratory animal? Share your story of what it [...]


Meteor Explodes Over Russia, Russian Church Leaders Blame God

It was probably unrealistic to expect the apocalypse to start right on time at the end of 2012—especially if it starts in Russia, where Christmas is two weeks late. So, here it is, a giant meteor (or meteors?) filling the skies over the Ural Mountains, and injuring nearly a thousand people.

But what do the religious leaders of Russia's Orthodox Church have to say about this terrifying incident? Well, being gloomy Russians, they are just blaming it on the God they worship:

A meteorite which injured hundreds of people in Russia's Chelyabinsk Region on Friday was "the Lord’s message to humanity," a senior local clergyman said. "From the [...]


The NASA Scientist Who Answers Your 2012 Apocalypse Emails

In his day job, Dr. David Morrison is the senior scientist at NASA's Astrobiology Institute in the Ames Research Center in California. There he specializes in asteroid impact, terrestrial defense from same, planetary exploration and the search for extraterrestrial life. The asteroid 2410 Morrison was named in his honor because "his research into the infrared radiometric properties of asteroids has been fundamental in revealing the diversity of asteroid surface albedos and compositions."

In an extracurricular capacity, though, he's the closest thing that NASA has to an expert on the apocalypse.

For the past eight years Morrison has run the Ask an Astrobiologist feature on the [...]


Last-Minute Chances For World To End On 12/21/12

  • "The first major snowstorm of the season began its slow eastward march across the Midwest early Thursday, leaving at least three people dead, creating treacherous driving conditions and threatening to disrupt some of the nation's busiest airports ahead of the holiday weekend."
  • "Tornado warnings remained in effect in parts of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama early Thursday."
  • "Schools across the country, already on edge following last week's massacre of 20 students and six adults at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school have been further unnerved following a series of copycat threats, sometimes yielding arrests and caches of deadly weapons."
  • "The number of Americans filing first-time claims for [...]