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Dispute Framed

"Liberal legislators are holding up Gov. Cuomo’s nomination of an 83-year-old conservative to CUNY’s Board of Trustees because he once called Lady Gaga a "slut.'" —The Post enters the performative period of its decline.


Pretty Eyes Questioned

"Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has asked people if they think Eric T. Schneiderman, the attorney general of New York State, wears eyeliner."


Reading The Polls In The NY Gov Race

Reading the tea leaves: "Here are some other categories of people who told Marist they preferred Cuomo to Paladino: white people, nonwhite people, poor people, middle-income people, rich people, people younger than 45, people 45 and older, men, and women."


No One Needs To Call Carl Paladino A Pig

"I don't think that was necessary." -That's would-be New York governor Andrew Cuomo, running only an alleged six points ahead of his Republican opponent Carl Paladino, condemning an ad released yesterday by the New York State Democratic Party depicting Paladino as a pig. He's right. It was completely unnecessary.


Andrew Cuomo Is Ready To Be Your Emperor Already

The New York Times magazine moves from narcissist to narcissist! Now that horrible photo on this coming Sunday's mag is of a frightening-looking Andrew Cuomo. There's this gambit early on in the profile: "When you spend time with Andrew Cuomo, it can be easy to forget that a little more than two election cycles ago his personal life was in shambles and his political career appeared to be over." Not that easy, apparently! And it's littered with nuggets like this. "When HUD's inspector general, Susan Gaffney, criticized some of Cuomo's management decisions, his office, according to a departmental-harassment claim she filed, started a smear campaign to destroy her [...]


Andrew Cuomo Has An Andrew Cuomo Of His Own

Perhaps hoping to get out front early in case there's a scandal involving someone close to the next governor, the Times profiles Joseph Percoco, special counsel to the attorney general. He comes off pretty much like the "old" Andrew Cuomo, which means you get to see words like "pugnacious" and "aggressive." It's good to know that even though Andy spends most of his time these days trying to keep his temper in check, he's got someone around to vent and cajole for him.


Obama Arrives in 30 Minutes: Stay Out of Times Square

So Obama's awkward 11 a.m. tarmac meeting with David Paterson happened. "When he went in for the quick hug of Mr. Paterson, he turned his back to the television news cameras, almost as if to avoid the taking of images that would show the two men in a warm embrace. The news crews said that Mr. Obama did not appear to be smiling when he turned around." The Obama made a speech and basically endorsed Andrew Cuomo. Gag. Then it was off for a tour of the Hudson Valley Community College, and soon he is winging his way down to Manhattan, landing at 1:45 to tape Letterman at [...]


Lieutenant Governor Liked, But Is He Well-Liked?

"Most political observers gave the sober Duffy good marks for his lieutenant governorshipdom, but he still only has 1,500 followers on Twitter compared to Gov. Cuomo’s 116,000."


The Coming Bloomberg-Cuomo War Over Dimebags

Almost 15% of all arrests in New York City are for small amounts of marijuana. That's 50,684 of them in 2011. So now Andrew Cuomo is going to go to war with Mike Bloomberg over reducing the charge for "possession of 25 grams or less of marijuana in public view to a violation." Mayor Mike has a broken windows-adjacent theory here (broken lungs? Someone work on that coinage please) that if you clean up the people with a loose joint, then you basically get the murderers too. This line of thinking is one of those weird things about Bloomberg that just doesn't make sense with the rest of his [...]


Old Men Yelling at Each Other: The Carl Paladino Campaign is Awesome

Good times in New York State politics. Republican nutter Carl Paladino is making Buffalo proud this morning. The relevant quote being, to a reporter: "You send another goon to my daughter's house and I'll take you out, buddy!" (And this is the definition of stalking horse, for you young people who weren't around in the Boss Tweed days.) His other relevant quote being: "Has anybody asked Andrew Cuomo about his paramours?"


Pop Quiz: Did Carl Paladino Say This?

Buffalo is buzzing over native son Carl Paladino, Republican candidate for governor of the State of New York. Given Buffalo's losing streak generally, Carl probably does not have a great shot at the statehouse come November. But recent polls do indicate that in today's Republican primary, Carl is virtually tied with Rick Lazio. You may remember Rick as the guy who wagged his finger at First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton on her march to the Foggy Bottom.

One gesture also epitomizes Carl and his supporters. Because if one political sign dominates front lawn acreage here in Buffalo, it is Paladino's middle finger of a sign.


Cuomo's Goes For #2 In Upstate Play/Ploy

Mega-shock! New York goooobernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo has picked a mayor of one of them there upstate cities as his running mate, in an appeal to the 8 million or so New York residents not residing in New York City, Westchester or Long Island. Running with Rochester's top cop turned mayor should go some way in keeping people from thinking of him as just a big-city, party machine-friendly, slick-haired, Clinton-loving, overly ethnic operator.


The Andrew Cuomo Inevitability Effect

Andrew Cuomo's approval rating has dropped 13 points in the last week, according to the latest Marist poll. Azi Paybarah suggests this has something to do with the attorney general's investigation of Governor David Paterson, but my own theory is that people are starting to realize that, Fuck, we're going to be stuck with Andrew Cuomo as governor for the next four years.


Rudy Giuliani Is Good For Everybody!

Which Democrat will the possible entry of Rudy Giuliani into the New York gubernatorial race help more: David Paterson or Andrew Cuomo? Yes!


New York Politicians Nervously Try Weed

In January, Governor Cuomo proposed a legal weed baby step. The plan was to limit dispensing to a small group of hospitals: Marijuana would be legal for medicinal use but difficult to acquire, available for severe conditions and only at the discretion of a "board of doctors." The boldest thing about this legislation was that it contained the word "marijuana" (legally: "MARIHUANA"); activists worried it was so cumbersome that nobody would bother to take advantage of it. Above all it was presented as safe: for patients, for The Children, and for politicians who might be interested in supporting it. But apparently not safe enough!

To get the [...]


Gays Thrown Into Hot Turmoil!

Mating and dating in America's gayest city has been turned on its head. With one smooth twist of Andrew Cuomo's gloating pen, New York City's gays now find themselves in a whole different ballgame (as it were) of sexy-time outcomes. Now, like the ladies, the gays must think: am I marriage material? Am I marriage material if I put out on the first date? When and how do we get engaged? And how can we best torture our single friends with expensive destination weddings that require multiple-leg flights and pre-parties and annoying and eccentric gift registries? Long-time couples are in a similar ruckus—even those who've never wanted to get [...]


Shock Polls Show Deeply Vulnerable Andrew Cuomo Crushing Carl Paladino

Oh no, Andrew Cuomo is in trouble! Take it away, Fred Dicker:

The startling new Quinnipiac University poll has pierced the veil of Andrew Cuomo's electoral inevitability, shaking his campaign to the foundations in the process. The good news for Attorney General Cuomo is that while bomb-throwing Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino is breathing down his neck, Cuomo has plenty of time remaining to change campaign strategy before the Nov. 2 gubernatorial election. The bad news is that Cuomo will have to replace his notoriously cautious and controlling style with a genuine sense of outrage and passion if he wants to connect with the voters' anger and demands for [...]


The New York State Fair Is Happening! And Under Investigation!

We have a winner for press release of the day! "ATTORNEY GENERAL CUOMO LAUNCHES WIDE-RANGING INVESTIGATION INTO PATRONAGE, CRONYISM AND WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY AT THE NEW YORK STATE FAIR." Oh really? "The State Fair has long been plagued by allegations that it has become a patronage playground for friends, relatives and cronies of the Fair's directors and managers. The Attorney General's investigation will assess the integrity of ticketing, contracting, hiring, and other management and financial practices involving the Fair." (Subpoenas went out to, among other parties, Clear Channel Radio, which, hmm!) Anyway, this undoubtedly put a pall on this morning's "Pettis Pools' Extreme Canines stunt dog show" at [...]


You Will Obey Andrew Cuomo And Elect Him Now!

Local lawyer Andrew Cuomo has made public his obvious years-long intention to be the lord-god-king of New York State, in a 20-minute speech that used phrases like: Could make Boss Tweed blush! Debacle! Carpe diem! The time for baby steps is over! Tear it down! Let my opponents play the old-style politics, with party bosses! And my fave: "When 
it!" I had not realized we were really interested in REPLACING THE GOVERNMENT with a single Dear Leader, but, hey, it's not like those other clowns are working out.


New York Spared Misery of Sad Paterson Campaign

Yesterday's scrum in New York City with money people and boss Democrats apparently did not go well for New York governor David Paterson, and the Post says he will now not run for (re)election this year. (Paterson is said to be making an announcement at 11:30, which probably means "sometime after lunch.") This is kind of a good thing? His campaign was not going to be pretty, it was also going to be expensive, and it was just going to make us all feel bad. But it was a necessary thing! So right now Andrew Cuomo is totally giving himself his morning oiling down while giving himself a [...]