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Moralist Vexed

Do you think Andrea Peyser gets upset that commenters at the New York Post are doing her unhinged scold shtick just as well as she is but for free?


Andrea Peyser Strikes Again (Wonderfully)

Ginger Lee, an "adult performer," gave a press conference with her attorney, Gloria Allred, who seems to be in multiple places at the same time somehow? Perhaps she is cloned? The topic: randy messages received from as-of-yesterday-but-not-as-of-today still-Congressman Anthony Weiner. And the magic that is New York took place. At the Friars Club on Wednesday, a columnist for The New York Post, Andrea Peyser, who is known for her barbed commentary, sat in the front row, shouting out questions that Ms. Allred alternately dodged and addressed.

“Why are we here?” Ms. Peyser called out. “Are we promoting a performance? Does she work in New York?” (Ms. Allred did [...]


Pirate lucky we didn't ship his ass to Guantanamo

You know, I'm well aware that the Post-and Andrea Peyser in particular-is the designated Ed Anger of our city's media scene, and I'm further aware that there's a long newspaper tradition of angry populism from people who know better, particularly when it comes to the criminal justice system, but reading today's piece from the Peys was something of an eye-opener.


Also It Is Like 20 Degrees Cooler Today

"Dark Knight Rises" opens, soukous at MoMA, Neil deGrasse Tyson at the planetarium, and a great day for the tabloids—with a semi-dramatic reading of today's amazing Andrea Peyser column. (iTunes)


Scandals and Aftermaths

Delightful New York Post harridan Andrea Peyser does not disappoint today, after her bravura performance of wife-related questions at Anthony Weiner's press conference yesterday: "The gorgeous and furious Internet cuckold Huma Abedin refused yesterday to stand by her man. She did not show up to walk the plank of public humiliation, the way doormat Silda did for her whoremonger husband, Eliot Spitzer."

Meanwhile, elsewhere, if you feel like staying on with this story, because maybe you're lonely or you want to know how best not to perform your private sexy online chats, it's nice that the UK press is dealing with it as a "sexting scandal," and they [...]


Woman Horrible

A Treasury of Andrea Peyser’s Very Best Prison Rape Fantasies


Local Columnist Explains What Invasion Of Iraq Was All About

"He took 11 bullets and lost a leg in Iraq, defending the right of silver-spoon scum at Columbia University to heckle and laugh in his face. Former Army Staff Sgt. Anthony Maschek was treated shamefully by a mob of soft-palmed slime as he appeared last week at a town-hall meeting, urging the return of ROTC to campus. This is conduct unbecoming human beings."