Scandals and Aftermaths

Delightful New York Post harridan Andrea Peyser does not disappoint today, after her bravura performance of wife-related questions at Anthony Weiner’s press conference yesterday: “The gorgeous and furious Internet cuckold Huma Abedin refused yesterday to stand by her man. She did not show up to walk the plank of public humiliation, the way doormat Silda did for her whoremonger husband, Eliot Spitzer.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere, if you feel like staying on with this story, because maybe you’re lonely or you want to know how best not to perform your private sexy online chats, it’s nice that the UK press is dealing with it as a “sexting scandal,” and they also have a wildly thorough rundown of all the latest in tabloid speculation. (“There has to be way more girls out there,” says alleged phone sex pal, etc.) This is a country that knows from extramarital sexting, after all.

In other news, Wikileaks has finally released diplomatic cables regarding Haiti today! Among other things (lots to read!) they document how the U.S. has a great interest in the nexus of oil deliveries, Venezuela and retaining a local nation of underpaid workers.