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Dov Hates Dust: When the CEO Comes to Town

I used to work at American Apparel, the one in Williamsburg. Internally, it’s called NY5. Every so often a mid-morning, brunch-faring couple would ask how business was going.

Business was bad. So bad that I’m almost wondering why American Apparel continues to exist. According to the Los Angeles Times, it’s lost nearly $270 million over the last four years; in the process, it’s accumulated more than $200 million in debt.

But I’d shrug, and mention one of our two-for-one sales. We always had two-for-one sales. Eventually they became three-for-two sales, but it’s less sing-songy; as you can imagine, it didn’t catch on.

When I started [...]


The American Apparel Hiring Policies

"We are looking for fashion leaders, not fashion laggers." One explanation of American Apparel's "Early-90s-Ralph Lauren" styling hiring policy, for white women (and black women with unprocessed hair).


How Long Does It Take to Fire Dov Charney?

Good question! Glad you asked, given that the reason is at least partly because he "had allowed an employee to post naked photographs of a former female employee who had sued him." On Wednesday, just after the company’s annual meeting, Mr. Charney sat in a conference room at the Times Square offices of the company’s outside counsel, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, and was fired by the board. Under the terms of his contract, Mr. Charney will be suspended immediately and formally terminated after 30 days. The directors also voted to remove him as chairman. Mr. Charney still owns 27 percent of the company’s stock.

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Woody Allen, American Apparel Split The Difference

Woody Allen has reached a $5 million settlement with American Apparel. Allen sued the company for $10 million after they used his image without permission; AA's lawyers argued for a settlement, either because they realized that they were unlikely to prevail in court or they decided they'd milked enough publicity out of the case already.


The Hipster Retail Crisis

It was barely a decade ago when the hipster fashion retail chains began their American invasion in earnest, starting from the West, North and East and working their way inward. Now their fortunes have turned rather dramatically, and the teens are driving them back into the sea: The company said Monday that Urban’s comparable sales fell 12% in the three months ending April 30, following a 9% drop last quarter, and a 1% drop in the three months ending Oct. 31. Urban is the retailer’s biggest chain; it also owns Anthropologie and Free People, which continued to see sales soar in the first quarter.

The company says the [...]