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The Best New York Stories From Marc Spitz's 'Poseur,' Mapped

The new book by music critic Marc Spitz, Poseur: A Memoir of Downtown New York City in the '90s, out this week from Da Capo Press, is a wistful, candid recounting of Spitz's struggles with career, love and drugs as he made his way into adulthood. The memoir's also enjoyable for its many anecdotes of downtown New York during the 90s, the time when Chloë Sevigny was coming off Kids, the actress Adrienne Shelly was the reigning indie queen, and Bennington graduates seemed to be everywhere. Spitz's anecdotes about the actors and musicians he meets have a wayward namedropping charm—they also, all together, form a fascinating portrait of the [...]


Burroughs and Ginsberg: Literary Heroes and Totally Gross Sex Predators

Yesterday we got some hate-mail-really though it was more like mildly upset mail-about referring to William S. Burroughs as a "dirty old poet." And while I really like me some Burroughs-I did sit around and listen to "You're the Guy I Want To Share My Money With" as a teen, so!-I realized that I also deeply, terribly dislike him. You know why? Those guys were all the worst. Setting aside the drugs and alcohol and their sons claiming to have been molested, at the age of 14, by friends of their father's, and, yes, the wife-shooting, it's also true that Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg (a NAMBLA member, lest [...]


What It Was Like Working For Allen Ginsberg: A Chat With His Assistant-Turned-Biographer

By 1989, Allen Ginsberg was as famous as a living poet could ever hope to be in this country. Out of his East Village apartment, the “Howl” author continued to write poetry, entertained friends and admirers, oversaw his legacy, and planned his many travels. Writer Steve Finbow, an Englishman spending time in the States in an effort to outrun his dissertation, somehow fell into the thick of it—he became Allen Ginsberg’s research assistant. Twenty years later, with a writing career of his own secured, Finbow signed on to write a biography of the poet for the UK publisher Reaktion. Allen Ginsberg comes out this week in the United States [...]


Allen Ginsberg's Apartment Finally Occupied

"Jane Kwett, a marketer for Yelp who prefers Kerouac to Ginsberg, is the new tenant in Allen Ginsberg's old apartment. After the landlord raised the rent in her West Village residence, she found the Ginsberg apartment online and thought it looked like a great deal for $1,700 a month."