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White Conservatives On Supreme Court Wondering Whether We Need Laws That Allow Black People To Vote For Democrats

It's tough to keep black people in the South from voting when there are intrusive federal laws trying to let black people vote. Have we learned nothing from the blockbuster motion picture Lincoln? Yes, we have learned nothing, and also the Democrats appear to be on some kind of permanent demographic winning streak, say the old white conservatives on the Supreme Court. So it's probably time to put aside these outdated old laws. Why, racism ended a long, long time ago. Especially in the Deep South.

In today's loaded questioning, the four white conservative justices expressed sincere skepticism about the federal law protecting the rights of black voters in [...]


Dale Peterson Stands Up For Non-Dummy In Ag Commish Race

Dale Peterson, "the world's most famous candidate for Alabama Ag Commissioner," has made an endorsement in the race in which he ran third. Now, I love me some Dale Peterson, so it pains me to admit that it seems like he's, I dunno, going through the motions here? I mean, shooting the actual gun is a nice touch, but this spot just seems like it lacks the vigor and righteous anger of the Dale Peterson we met way back in May. Maybe losing a race does that to you. [Via]


Black Guy Can Say Terrible Things About The President Without Fear Of Being Called Racist

Alabama keeps 'em coming: Here's congressional candidate Les Phillip, who wants to protect the nation from President Obama and his terrorist-palling, America-apologizing ways. While Phillip lacks the zest of Dale Peterson or the folksy, businesslike certainty of Tim James, he's got a secret weapon: He's black! It's so great that this is finally something that could be considered a plus with conservative voters in Alabama.


Alabama Now Best Known For Slightly Different Thing

"Alabama’s reputation has also taken a huge hit just when it is trying to lure international businesses. No matter how officials may try to tempt foreign automakers, say, with low taxes and wages, the state is already infamous as a regional capital of xenophobia." —It's funny how times change. It was only 40 years ago that Alabama was infamous as a regional capital of racism.


A Couple Of Founding Fathers Walk Into A Dothan-Area Chili's…

Alabama's aspiring politicos have set such a high standard with their advertising this cycle that you can't help but be upset when they fall short. Sure, this ad for Republican Rick Barber, who's in a runoff a congressional nomination next month, ends with something of a flourish, but the man is no Dale Peterson. Hell, he's not even a Les Phillip. But again, we're judging against the masters here. Any other state, this would be a winner.


Angry Man With Horse Wants To Commission Your Agriculture

Alabama's Dale Peterson is running for the Republican nomination to be that state's Commissioner of Agriculture, and, well, he's got a lot on his mind. As does his horse. I don't know why this should be, but it has become pretty clear that the best political ads of the cycle are coming out of the Heart of Dixie. [Via]


Farmer Roasts Senator in Alabama

Leroy Smith challenged [Republican state Sen. Scott Beason] to pick a bucket full of tomatoes and experience the labor-intensive work.

Beason declined but promised to see what could be done to help farmers while still trying to keep illegal immigrants out of Alabama.

Smith threw down the bucket he offered Beason and said, "There, I figured it would be like that."

OH, SNAP. RUN AND TELL YOUR ADORABLE LITTLE WHITE BABY, SCOTT BEASON, YOU GOT BURNED. In other news about Alabama's new (and thoroughly illegal) immigration laws, the first immigrant sent off for "indefinite detainment"… actually had legal U.S. status. Oopsies! Also here are the [...]


Internet Stars Fell In Alabama Last Night

Alabama held primary elections yesterday! Lets see how some of our pals did: In the race for Agriculture Commissioner, angry man with horse and rifle Dale Peterson failed to win the Republican nomination, running a weak third with 27%.


Alabama Businessman Is The Thomas Paine Of Yahoo Ideas

Alabama Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim James set himself a pretty high bar when he released his previous campaign ad "We ain't gonna be speakin' no Mexican round here, y'all get me?" This spot about registered sex offenders-whom James rightly points out are coddled by the government, what with its concerns for their comfort and convenience-does not quite exceed "This is Alabama, don't spout none of that ching-chong nonsense at me, Fu Manchu," but it is certainly a worthy attempt. It's almost like performance art. [Via]