Big Questions

Ancestors Bothered

Today in forbear shaming: Marris describes most of Redzepi’s recipes as similarly ‘exotic, oceanic, deep-woodsy, and uncookable’. Serving something as simple as ‘silken fresh cheese and crispy beech leaves’ requires pickling beech leaves in a vacuum pack with apple balsamic vinegar for at least a month…. one wonders what our remote ancestors would think of this culinary fad.

I don't know, what would they think of this essay? What would they think of the computer you made them read it on? Or did you go back in time to show it to them? In which case: Are your arms and legs fading away? Are you disappearing from family [...]


What The People Who Were In The Bands Your Older Brother Liked Are Up To These Days

"Stars Of Britpop: Where Are They Now?"


Motive Questioned

"Is HBO Submitting 'True Detective' as a Drama Series at the Emmys to Teach Netflix a Lesson?"


How Do We Think We're Dying Now?

"What Brings Americans to the ER?"


Is Sitting On My Ass In Front Of The TV Going To Help Me Lose Weight?

"Can Watching the Olympics Make Us Fitter?"


Maybe You Don't Feel Well Because The Earth Is Spinning Too Quickly

"How fast are YOU spinning on Earth’s axis right now?"


Beyonce Feminism Debate Resolved

"A deeply personal Beyoncé debate: Should she get to be a feminist?" I know none of these things are ever fully settled until an older white man weighs in, so let me provide some authority and finality to this deliberation by asserting that, sure, why the hell not, Beyoncé gets to be a feminist. Now you may go back to your lives, we have spoken.


Invisible Hand Left In Invisible Pocket

“Let’s say Ron Paul is Nirvana,” begins the first paragraph of a piece that wonders if the "Libertarian Moment" has finally arrived. "Our libertarian moment, in other words, might very well pass unexploited," begins the last paragraph of the same piece.


Where To Not Get Stung

I know, I know, we shouldn't reward these kinds of thing, but there is something about the sheer insouciance of the headline, "Nipple, penis, or nostril — what’s the most painful place to be stung by a bee? (The answer might surprise you.)" that compels me to share it with the world.



"How did finger-tenting become a symbol of evil?"


Who Will Pay For The Falling Snow?

You can call it a "revolution in multimedia storytelling that has swept through digital publishing the past year" or you can call it "an indiscriminate assemblage of tech gimmickry in search of a purpose" or, for the sake of concision, you can call it "Snowfall," but the question remains, how are these dazzling displays of "immersive" journalism to be paid for, particularly when you consider that the only people who really pay attention to them are other folks working in media already? Nobody knows yet!


How To Feel Better About Gentrification

"Among experts, a furor continues to swirl over whether gentrification and displacement are conjoined. What qualifies as displacement, anyway? Forcible eviction by a rapacious landlord, obviously, but what about a rent that creeps up while a household’s income doesn’t? How about the intangible, dispiriting feeling of being out of place, or a young person’s knowledge that leaving the family home means living in another borough? Or the dislocation that comes when an industry flees, taking its jobs along? These pressures can affect investment bankers and nurses, as well as busboys and the unemployed, and it’s [...]


What Makes America's Richest People Turn Into A Bunch Of Whiny-Ass Babies At The Merest Hint Of Criticism?

Why do rich people get so upset when their motives are questioned? I have a theory that involves the Death of Shame and our society's sick insistence that not only should we not be criticized for avaricious behaviors that we would once have hidden away or at least minimized the visibility of but now we demand respect for those same disgusting acts and so many of our high society scumbags have actually been receiving that sort of admiration for so long that when someone starts to say, "Wait, not only is this gross and unseemly, it is in fact destructive to the very fabric of society," not only do they [...]


The Darkest Part Is Over

"The earliest sunset really comes in the first week in December, and the latest sunrise occurs in early January. Yet December 21 really is the shortest day of the year. Why?" —Click the link to get the Science stuff on solstices and orbital curvatures and whatever; the important thing to take away here is that the days of early darkness are over! I mean, in the sky. In your own life darkness will continue to come earlier with each passing page of the calendar until you wake up in the morning to discover that it is dark in your soul already and the sun [...]