The Anthology of Underrated Herbs

We have great taste.

Image: one2c900d via Flickr

Welcome back from that brief holiday break. Ready for Christmas? Too bad. It’s here, and for the next four weeks all it is is bad sugar cookies and holiday parties. Take some time to ease back into the news cycle, and give yourself a break. You can’t read everything, so choose wisely. Might I recommend The Awl’s holiday series, The Anthology of Underrated Herbs? You can find the whole collection here.

Here’s the whole lineup: Samantha Sanders on dillweed (as an insult), Allison Stockman on asafoetida, Dan Nosowitz on amchur, Dayna Evans on Kalustyan’s, Bobby Finger on Julio’s Seasoning, Casey Johnston on ketchup (as a pickle), Megan Reynolds on peppercorns, Jo Livingstone on aniseed (and other licorice-flavored horrors), Fran Hoepfner on putting paprika on cottage cheese, Owen Phillips on Instacart spice orders, Laura June on tarragon and the nature of recipes, Katia Bachko on seltzer with bitters, Bryan Washington on achiote, Kenzi Wilbur on piment d’Espelette, Kristi Coulter on sumac, Rebecca McCarthy on Tony Chachere’s, and Brent Cox on spice cake.

May you consume them in good health!