Let's Build A City On The Moon


Should we build a city on the moon? Normally I would be of the opinion that, no, we should not, fuck the moon, if we are focusing any of our energies on the moon they should be directed at aiming several massive nuclear-equipped missiles at it to blow it the fuck up into tiny moon pieces and then we should collect those pieces and put them in a rocket aimed at the sun and then maybe we should blow up the sun too just to be safe.

That said, I am aware that my opinion could be characterized as a little extreme, particularly the sun-destruction part. On reflection, I am inclined to believe that, yes, we should build a city on the moon, because there has not yet been an environment with which we as a species have come into contact that we have not eventually fucked up beyond repair (see, for example, Earth, or, by way of more small-scale illustration, anything on Earth), and, given the lack of widespread support for my “blow the fuck out of the moon” campaign at the present juncture, I am going to reluctantly accept that this city-building plan is the most realistic chance we have of that stupid satellite’s destruction.

So, with these things in mind, I hereby endorse a moon city’s construction. As the old saying goes, half a loaf of blowing the moon the fuck up is better than none loaf of blowing the moon the fuck up. Also, let’s make the moon city a version of Williamsburg so everyone will have a vested interest in seeing it wiped from the face of the universe. Thank you. Keep watching the skies.