“Now New Yorkers know what President Obama means when he talks about a nuclear freeze: It’s the blood-chilling sensation that he inflicted by expressing worry about an atomic attack here…. Coming out of the blue, the statement carried the suggestion that Obama had grounds for fears that were more terrible and immediate than the general threat level that has shadowed life in the five boroughs for almost 13 years. We could have done without visions that loomed — a mushroom cloud over Rockefeller Center, a radiation-poisoned Times Square — out of the President’s attempt to defend his policy toward Russia by saying, in effect, that Putin is no Bin Laden.”
— It is always instructive to see just what kind of a coward the local tabloids think you should be, but listen up: If the President mentioning the most obvious national security concern any administration should ever have causes you to pee your pants in fear or cower in some corner you need to pack your things and move to a place where no one would ever dream of attacking because it is so useless and ravaged already that dropping some kind of bomb on it would only be an improvement. You know where I mean. [Related]