The Awl Is Looking For A New Office

by The Awl


We have outgrown our current workspace, and our wonderful landlord has outgrown us at the same time as well! Everything comes together for a reason or whatever. So we are on the hunt for an office. If you see something, won’t you say something? Hit us at

Let’s say more than 700 (real) square feet, fewer probably than 1500 square feet. (I mean sure we’ll do bigger, but it starts to get beyond what we want to spend generally.) We’re open to “unconventional” or “non-traditional” or even “ugly” spaces. We’re not really interested in shared open spaces: we need to be able to talk to each other and make phone calls and have guests and things. But apart from that, we just want somewhere cozy where we can be on the Internet and talk about our feelings and maybe have a couch or two. You know, simple dreams.

We are currently situated in glamorous Herald Square, aka Penn Station Village. We are looking in that central strip of Manhattan south of 32nd street, between the A train and the 6 train — so, from Herald Square down through Madison Park and Flatiron into NoHo and SoHo and points south. We are also amenable to downtown Brooklyn. We’re open to other locations but since we all live on separate train lines it gets a little complicated.

We would say “before winter ends,” but that is apparently never going to happen, so let’s just go with “soon.”

We’re willing to take over leases or sublet. We’re willing to sign leases. We’re nice and thoughtful and well-groomed and just amazingly terrific to be around and we pay our rent on time. Also we no longer have an office cat so we’re perfect tenants.

Ideas? Thoughts? Drop us a line.

Accurate artists’ rendering of our office by “bikeriderlondon” from the always amazing Shutterstock.