Run, Jeb, Run! (Number 394 in a Series)

GREAT NEWS AMERICA. We might get a Jeb Bush candidacy yet! The news is a-flurry with Jeb Bush news, though actual flurries have canceled his flight to D.C. today so he will not be Making News at the Cato Kaelin Institute tonight, with his pronouncements about the future of our race wars.

Question: “Is Jeb Bush the Republicans’ Hillary Clinton?

Answer: No.

Question: What does this mean? “I’m not saying yes, I’m just not saying no. I’ve accomplished some things in my life that allow me now to — to have that kind of discretion, to be able to think about it.”

Answer: He made lots of money.

Question: Will Jeb Bush Run?

Answer: Yes, they will run Jeb Bush if the Democrats have a lock on the White House for 2016, which, from here, looks likely. Although Obama could destroy that handily over the next three years, so, STAY TUNED.

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