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How Jeb Bush Loses On Super Tuesday, 2016

Here's one easy way the Republican primaries could go.

Let's say you've got your saggy Scott Brown, your Rand Paul, maybe your Ted Cruz on the outside… and then up front, your Marco Rubio and your Jeb Bush. I just can't take Mike Huckabee seriously, even though he's polling first right now. (In this hypothetical universe, it's, predictably, all men: Everyone decides Nikki Haley is too young, Mary Fallin never gets any steam, and Sarah Palin sticks her head out and everyone's checkbooks retreat in terror and she goes away again.)

How LOL is this?

Jeb is the money leader early out, just because a Bush raises [...]


Run, Jeb, Run! (Number 394 in a Series)

GREAT NEWS AMERICA. We might get a Jeb Bush candidacy yet! The news is a-flurry with Jeb Bush news, though actual flurries have canceled his flight to D.C. today so he will not be Making News at the Cato Kaelin Institute tonight, with his pronouncements about the future of our race wars.

Question: "Is Jeb Bush the Republicans' Hillary Clinton?

Answer: No.

Question: What does this mean? "I’m not saying yes, I’m just not saying no. I’ve accomplished some things in my life that allow me now to — to have that kind of discretion, to be able to think about it."

Answer: He made lots [...]


Run, Jeb, Run!

Why Jeb Bush must run for President! It's full of LOLs from the right.


JebWatch '10: America Loves, Hates a Dynasty

• It is a pretty wonderful mess that Man Without Portfolio Jeb Bush appeared in support of Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul last night-because it was the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Which Jeb's father, as president, signed. Which Rand Paul has spoken against, on the grounds that it is "federal intervention" in Americans' lives-and has also distorted its requirements, so as to inflame "anti-government" Tea Party sentiment. • A letter to the editor of the Boston Globe: "Do we really want to go down the road of the dynastic politics of India, Pakistan, and other Second and Third World nations? [...]


Your Choices In 2012: Bush-Fiorina, Bush-Whitman or Bush-Haley

So let's say this is how it goes down. Jeb Bush has the south locked up, right? Florida already is one of the big four states, with an expected 28 electoral votes after the census. Texas might have as many as 38, but obviously that's a done deal for a Bush. John McCain's not running, even if he's still standing. Everyone hates Mitt Romney. Then there's… uh… Eric Cantor? Oh, excuse me, how did the bottom of the barrel hit me in the nose so soon? And Mike Huckabee has already been vigorously throwing Jeb Bush's name around on the air for ages now, so there's 1. him out [...]


Wall Street Ready For Another Four Years Of Bush

The Republican field for 2016 is a hot mess—so much so that Rand Paul is being taken somewhat seriously as a candidate. But what matters is the big elite coastal money, that poured so deliciously from Wall Street into the coffers of that sad stupid thing called Mitt Romney. With Chris Christie face-down for the count, it just doesn't know where to go: Scott Walker? Paul Ryan? They're both petty hoodlums, and, like Ted Cruz, they're too socially conservative for bankers who just care about cutting taxes, not regulating Wall Street and a cessation to the "Wall Street v. Main Street" dialogue. Oh they also would like to [...]


There Are Still Bushes To Vote For

After 8 years of a Democratic president will the American people have forgotten enough to once again elect a Republican named Bush? I guess, based on historical precedent, the odds aren't bad.


JebWatch '10: It's Back On, Due to Verb Tenses!

It came to me in a dream-no wait, it came to me in an email from a reader last night. Yesterday, Jeb Bush said, "I am not running for president." Yes, I was crushed. But no longer! Why, you ask? Well, right now, I am not pickling beets. But that doesn't mean that I won't be pickling beets later tonight, or tomorrow, or next week! Verbs! They are so useful. We hereby announce JEB BUSH PRESIDENTIAL RACE WATCH NOT AT ALL OVER, due to the deceitful power of language and its uses!


Jeb Bush on the Fundraising Trail!

Mmm, look at that, Jeb Bush out hosting private fundraisers. For none other than former teabagger darling and current sort-of teabagger sell-out Rand Paul! I'm not sure who beats whom in the rock-paper-scissors of Big Republican Dynasty v. Teabag Radical Upstart, when a Rand Paul and a Jeb Bush meet. Or do they both lose? I mean, this is weird, as they actually don't have that much in common! Bush is also speaking today at the National Conference of State Legislatures.


The Jeb Bush Presidential Trial Balloons Launch!

This is a very funny-and very important-little Jeb Bush profile from Matt Bai in the Times today. It's fascinating, and there are some very odd things about it!


Rough Month For School Hater Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush, education reformer (AKA charter school profiteer and destroyer of public schools), is finally getting into some hot water. How hot is "school choice" down in Jebland? Well, Pitbull is opening a charter school this week. The "I Know You Want Me" auteur has partnered with Academica and the school will focus on sports management. (I don't know?) Academica is essentially a tax-free real estate conglomerate whose clients are schools. It's brilliant really—and they make money, while 25% of other charter schools go out of business. Jeb Bush as well has been doing nicely, but finally he's coming out on the downside—though only "optically." (Barf.) But [...]


Jeb Bush, Just Quietly Speechifying on the Road

"We need to celebrate every time someone starts a business in this country — not regulate it to death. A new business? Great. Go and compete. Do your best and make a lot of money." —Jeb Bush, political non-candidate.


JebWatch '10 Ends Suddenly: "I am Not Running for President."

"Former Florida GOP Gov. Jeb Bush said Tuesday that he is 'not running' for president in 2012." -I don't really believe it but okay. *Running to my room, slamming the door, weeping for a while.*


Jeb Bush: Hiding in Plain Sight

Oh, I know, you're all laughing at my crazy ramblings: "That crazy guy thinks Jeb Bush will run for President!" Well LOL all you want, LOlers. Because we've got a fresh convert to the team in the form of Joshua Green, Atlantic-man: "But another potent political force–one who raised no money and has no PAC–could still win the nomination were he inclined to pursue it: Jeb Bush is the candidate hiding in plain sight. The brother and son of presidents stepped back from elected politics after his second term as Florida governor ended three year ago. At 57, he's in his prime."