Football Pick Haikus For Week 16

Saturday, December 22

Atlanta -3.5 At Detroit

Detroit really needs
a new city government
and a new head coach. PICK: FALCONS

Sunday, December 23

At Green Bay -12.5 Tennessee

I’d take the Titans
and the points if you gave me
seven billion points. PICK: PACKERS

At Carolina -8 Oakland

Newton will be worst
thing to happen in Oakland
since their Occupy. PICK: PANTHERS

At Miami -4.5 Buffalo

Yes, I still Bill-lieve.
Because C.J. Spiller can
keep this crap game close. PICK: BILLS

At Pittsburgh -3.5 Cincinnati

The Steelers will no
doubt somehow win this I just
haven’t figured how. PICK: STEELERS

New England -14.5 At Jacksonville

Fifteen points is
pretty good but the Pats love
to run up the score. PICK: PATS

Indianapolis -7 At Kansas City

Somewhere right now a
child is being born that will
be a sad Chiefs’ fan. PICK: COLTS

At Dallas -3 New Orleans

Keep throwing the ball
to Dez Bryant and Cowboys
will only lose by 6. PICK: SAINTS

Washington -6.5 At Philadelphia

They don’t need Griffin.
Redskins could win this game with
eleven punters. PICK: REDSKINS

At Tampa Bay -3 St. Louis

If Rams can rush the
Bucs’ quarterback they can hang
around in this one. PICK: RAMS

NY Giants -2.5 At Baltimore

Eli Manning will
awaken from his coma
against Crypt Keepers. PICK: GIANTS

At Houston -7.5 Minnesota

Texans just need to
stop Adrian Peterson.
Can you guys do that? PICK: TEXANS

At Denver -13 Cleveland

Take the points! The Browns
keep games close even if they
can’t win on the road. PICK: BROWNS

Chicago -5.5 At Arizona

Bears will win because
the Cardinals offense is worse
than scorpion poo. PICK: BEARS

San Francisco -1 At Seattle

No team comes to the
Emerald City and gets
out unrained upon. PICK: SEAHAWKS

At NY Jets -2.5 San Diego

Jets will probably
win then Sanchez probably
sleeps with your sister. PICK: JETS

Last week’s Haiku Picks went 8–8. We can make it up in the playoffs. That’s 104–116–5 for the season.

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