Football Pick Haikus For Week 10

Football Pick Haikus For Week 10

Thursday, November 8

Indianapolis -3.5 At Jacksonville

Jags on National
Television! It’s like why
they canceled “Joey.” PICK: COLTS

Sunday, November 11

At New England -11 Buffalo

Patriots, coming
off the Bye, have installed spy
helmet cameras. PICK: PATS

NY Giants -4 At Cincinnati

Giants will do all
they can to lose this game then
Eli bails them out. PICK: GIANTS

At Tampa Bay -3 San Diego

Doug Martin’s nickname
is the Muscle Hamster. That
is a creepy name. PICK: CHARGERS

Denver -4 At Carolina

Away from the thin
air of Mile High Stadium,
Broncos seem human. PICK: PANTHERS

At Miami -6 Tennessee

This is too many
points to ever give the Fish
Post-Dan Marino. PICK: TITANS

At Baltimore -7.5 Oakland

The Ravens are old,
quoth I. But the Raiders are
so awful, quoth I. PICK: RAIDERS

Atlanta -2.5 At New Orleans

Falcons undefeated
But down the bayou you meet
some real bad mojo. PICK: SAINTS

Detroit -2.5 At Minnesota

Lions saved season
last week just in time to wreck
it completely now. PICK: VIKINGS

At Seattle -6 NY Jets

Seattle’s loud crowd
makes it tough for Rex to call
desperate Tebow runs PICK: SEAHAWKS

Dallas -1.5 At Philadelphia

Both these proud teams stink.
So the Philadelphia
crowd should throw snowballs. PICK: EAGLES

At San Francisco -11.5 St. Louis

Rams will beat the spread!
I haven’t figured out how
yet, but they just might. PICK: RAMS

At Chicago -1 Houston

The Bears defense
at home is like that Saw guy
in his death dungeon PICK: BEARS

Monday, November 12

At Pittsburgh -12.5 Kansas

The Chiefs couldn’t win
in PIttsburgh with bazookas.
But I’ll take the points. PICK: CHIEFS

Haiku Picks went 7–7 last week. That’s 57–73–3 for the season. I’m too sick this week to come up with something cute about that.

Jim Behrle tweets at @behrle for your possible amusement.