Name That Last Meal

by Sarah Marshall and Michael Magnes

1. Chicken in white wine sauce, salad, and tea

2. Half a bottle of Israeli wine

3. A tuna sandwich

4. A glass of white Bordeaux and a croque monsieur

5. Ice cubes

6. Coffee, orange juice, two boiled eggs, bacon, and toast with marmalade

7. Vegetarian pasta

8. Boiled yams, rice broth, bamboo, and a blueberry muffin

9. A mushroom and asparagus omelet, Dover sole, and vegetable tempura

10. A Hershey bar

11. Homemade fish chowder

12. A slice of apple pie and a glass of milk at a diner in Paso Robles

13. Medium-rare steak, two eggs over easy, hash browns, milk, coffee, orange juice, and toast with butter and jelly

14. Cookies and ice cream

15. Lentil soup

16. Chili and beans

17. A New York strip steak, baked potato, Caesar salad, and a glass of Bordeaux

18. A corned beef sandwich and tea at the Stage Deli in New York

19. Brandy and beef soup and more brandy

20. Guacamole, stuffed mushrooms, meatballs, and Dom Perignon 1953

21. French onion soup (when asked, earlier, about a hypothetical first meal, listed caviar, oysters, foie gras, pan-roasted duck, and a poached pear or pungent sorbet with walnut cake)

22. Goat’s milk, vegetables, oranges, and a mixture of ginger, lemon, ghee, and aloe juice

23. Cactus, berries, and leaves

24. Was fasting for several days before death

25. Figs — also, a cobra


A. John F. Kennedy

B. Ted Bundy

C. Cleopatra

D. Allen Ginsberg

E. Marilyn Monroe

F. James Dean

G. Julia Child

H. Adolf Eichmann

I. Jim Morrison

J. Steve McQueen

K. Jimi Hendrix

L. Princess Diana

M. Elvis Presley

N. Adolf Hitler

O. Gandhi

P. Hsing-Hsing

Q. John Belushi

R. F. Scott Fitzgerald

S. Janis Joplin

T. Robert E. Lee

U. John Lennon

V. Ernest Hemingway

W. Lonesome George

X. John F. Kennedy Jr.

Y. Martin Luther King Jr.

1=X, 2=H, 3=K, 4=I, 5=J, 6=A, 7=N, 8=P, 9=L, 10=R, 11=D, 12=F, 13=B, 14=M, 15=Q, 16=S, 17=V, 18=U, 19=T, 20=E, 21=G, 22=O, 23=W 24=Y, 25=C

Michael Magnes hopes his last meal will be a Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde Chicken Burrito and a cappuccino muffin from Bergen Bagels. Sarah Marshall wants fried chicken and blackberries. Photo by stu_spivack.