Nicknames For French Kings, In Order

by Josh Fruhlinger

37. “From Overseas” (Louis IV)
36. “The Posthumous” (John I)
35. “The Lazy” (Louis V)
34. “The Young” (Louis VII)
33. “The Stammerer” (Louis II)
32. “The Fat” (Louis VI)
31. “The Bald” (Charles II)
30. “The Short” (Pepin)
29. “The Tall” (Philip V)
28. “The Simple” (Charles III)
27. “The Handsome” (Philip IV, Charles IV) x
26. “The Pious” (Louis I, Robert II)
25. “The Father of the People” (Louis XII)
24. “The Great” (Charlemagne, Louis XIV, Napoleon I)
23. “The Good” (John II)
22. “The Fortunate” (Philip VI)
21. “The Saint” (Louis IX)
20. “The Prudent” (Louis XI)
19. “The Wise” (Robert II, Charles V)
18. “The Just” (Louis XIII)
17. “Good King Henry” (Henry IV)
16. “The Quarreller” (Louis X)
15. “The Amorous” (Philip I)
14. “The Affable” (Charles VIII)
13. “The Mad” (Charles VI)
12. “Augustus” (Philip II)
11. “The Victorious” (Charles VII)
10. “The Citizen King” (Louis-Philippe I)
9. “The Father and Restorer of Letters” (Francis I)
8. “The Bold” (Philip III)
7. “The Lion” (Louis VIII)
6. “The Beloved” (Charles VI, Louis XV)
5. “The Well-served” (Charles VII)
4. “The Green Gallant” (Henry IV)
3. “The Sun King” (Louis XIV)
2. “The Debonnaire” (Louis I)
1. “The Universal Spider” (Louis XI)

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