Rihanna Just Like Helen Of Troy, Says Lawyer

“She’s been known, like Helen of Troy, to cause trouble.”
 — That’s NBA star Tony Parker’s lawyer, David Jaroslawicz, saying that ridiculous thing about Rihanna as he filed a $20 million lawsuit against Manhattan Club W.I.P. for letting Drake and Chris Brown inside at the same time, when, Jaroslawicz says, had the owners been reading Bossip like they should have been, they would have known that Drake and Brown are rivals for the affection of Rihanna, so that there was a strong chance that a brawl would erupt when Chris Brown sent Drake’s table a bottle of champagne that was actually filled with Greek soldiers. Parker got a piece of broken glass in his eye during the fight last week. Maybe Rihanna should cover Sinead O’Conner’s “Troy?” Actually, I wouldn’t recommend it. Have you seen O’Conner perform that song live, It’s CRAZY AWESOME! No way Rihanna could hang.