Mr. Muthaf***in' eXquire, "Lou Ferigno's Mad"

by Incredible Hulk

Hulk not mad! Hulk GLAD!!! New rap song and video GOOD! Hulk appreciate cinema verite look at seedy New York City underbelly. (Hulk not watch at work.) Hulk like Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire flow and Hulk pump fist — BIG FIST!!! — to producer Constrobuz beat. Remind Hulk of Obie Trice’s “Wanna Know,” one of best songs EVER made by Shady Records! Hulk not mad. Hulk not even mind misspelling of “Ferrigno.” But Hulk confused. What song Constrobuz sample? Not Power of Zues’s “It Couldn’t Be Me” like Obie Trice. Rare-groove ’60s psychedelia not Hulk’s forte. Hulk know more about Independent Labor Party founder Keir Hardie.