Football Pick Haikus For Week 8

Sunday, October 30

At Tennessee -8.5 Indianapolis
This year Indy hosts
the Super Bowl and the Colts
will be parking cars. PICK: TITANS

At Houston -9.5 Jacksonville
Jaguars beat Ravens
So who knows what the hell’s up.
I have no idea. PICK: TEXANS

At Carolina -3.5 Minnesota
Christian Ponder is
the Vikings’ new quarterback.
Say ten Hail Marys. PICK: PANTHERS

New Orleans -13.5 At St. Louis
Maybe the Saints are tired
From scoring 62 points
And will be sleepy. PICK: SAINTS

At Baltimore -13 Arizona
The Ravens don’t show
for games against crappy teams
So just take the points. PICK: CARDINALS

At NY Giants -10 Miami
Dolphins will lose on
purpose to get the first pick.
Sushi will be served. PICK: GIANTS

At Buffalo (In Toronto) -6 Washington
The exchange rate in
Canada makes all touchdowns
Worth 11 points. PICK: BILLS

Detroit -3 At Denver
Tim Tebow rises
from the dead to run the ball
In the Fourth Quarter. PICK: LIONS

New England -3 At Pittsburgh
An uphill battle
but The Patriots can ride
The Duquesne Incline. PICK: PATRIOTS

At San Francisco -8.5 Cleveland
What the Niners need
is to sign up a Panda
to be their punter. PICK: BROWNS

Cincinnati -3 At Seattle
When Charlie Whitehurst
Is your quarterback it’s time
To burst into flames. PICK: BENGALS

At Philadelphia -3.5 Dallas
Can the Dream Team beat
America’s Team? If not
There’s Flyers hockey. PICK: COWBOYS, RANGERS

Monday, October 31

San Diego -3.5 At Kansas City
QB Matt Cassel’s
Halloween costume is that
Spongebob friend Patrick. PICK CHARGERS

Last week’s Haiku Picks went 6–7. Season to date is 46–57–3.

Jim Behrle tweets at @behrle for your possible amusement.