The Season Of Farewell

What a remarkable day it was today! All the beauty of autumn without any of its accompanying regrets, because as it’s still “technically” summer you haven’t had time to accrue fall’s failures yet. But make no mistake, summer is over. And with the end of the season, it comes time for us to say farewell to our summer reporters. It seems like only yesterday that we first bid them hello. Time passes so quickly! Let us all applaud them for the excellent work they’ve done. Here are a couple of pieces you’ll want to read again (or perhaps for the first time). Keep an eye out for these names, you’ll be seeing them elsewhere soon enough. Thanks, kids!

Nate Hopper:
Six Authors Who Were Copywriters First
A History of the New York Times, Summer Camp and Rich People

Olivia LaVecchia:
When We Pretend We’re Dead: Eight Actors On Their Death Scenes
Three Of New York’s Odder Patriotic Relics

Emily Morris:
Case History Of A Wikipedia Page: Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’
Peach Honey Chamomile Ice Pops (With Bourbon!)

Myles Tanzer:
The “Food Porn” Party
La Toya Jackson’s Book Party

Photo by edenpictures, via Flickr