Killer Geese Population "Exploding"! Man Losing War Against Tasty Birds


The war on birds has been, let’s face it, going poorly for some time now. Our bird gas chambers are not quite doing the trick. But! One man dares to fight on: Lee Humberg.

Humberg’s ideas about managing urban wildlife are thoughtful and nuanced, but they might have a hard time getting through. In the summer of 2009, his team removed 1,235 geese. Last year, the radius of goose-capture sites was increased from five miles to seven, and the culling total grew to 1,676. He won’t predict how many geese will be removed this year, but whatever the final tally, the culling will likely take place under relentless media glare…. The city recently announced plans for the geese to be sent to a slaughterhouse and distributed to Pennsylvania food banks.

Also we are killing their bird babies by painting their eggs with oil. 🙁 Still! We will gas you and then we will EAT YOU, YOU DELICIOUS WINGED NUTRIA.