Pervy Leather Party Gives More to Charity Than SF Gay Pride

Everywhere you turn, a gay crisis! First it was the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance, and now, it’s San Francisco Gay Pride? “Its board and staff didn’t realize they’d veered sharply into the red until the organization outspent its revenue by nearly 25 percent…. In the months since, Pride has also experienced a leadership exodus befitting a Central American junta. Its dysfunctional board has burned through four presidents in eight months.” But all is not gloom in the world of gay nonprofit events! “Folsom Street Events” — which runs the Folsom Street Fair, which is a fun, friendly and definitely kink-friendly event — “is run tighter than a size-L pair of chaps on a XXL derriere. One intriguing indicator of the esteem in which the city holds Folsom is that the Department of the Environment tapped the leather festival to pen the official city best practices guide on large-event recycling.” The Folsom Street Fair organization also now donates almost three times as much to charity as SF Gay Pride does.