How To Share Big Files

Try to attach a file that’s 25 megabytes or bigger to an outgoing Gmail message and what do you get? I have no idea, because I would never attempt such a stunt, but I’m guessing it’s a friendly error message informing you that the raw video trailer for your documentary about paperclips is the digital equivalent of a wide-load trailer and unfit for this particular mode of travel. What now? You’ve tried everything! Except no, you haven’t.

For starters, if you’re teaming up on this groundbreaking documentary of yours, and need to share the material with a partner 3000 miles away so they can edit and play around with it on their own, then might I suggest taking a look at the menu atop of the Gmail screen called “Documents”? This is a nifty little tool that allows you to upload files to a cloud (not literally a cloud, relax), from which they can be plucked by anyone you want to grant access.

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