Everyone Else to Follow on Twitter: @NekoCase, @BlakeHounshell and More

She made herself ill eating cat shit then “pressure washed” the inside of my truck with spray poo. The “turducken” of shit! #ZERORESALEVALUESun Feb 27 03:37:29 via Twitter for iPhone

Neko Case

To wrap up our bizarre choice to highlight a person on Twitter each day this month, let us end with the x-number of people you really should follow on Twitter for a well-rounded life. For starters, Neko Case! The ongoing stories of Liza the dog are worth it alone.

Liza said tonights songwriting efforts were “flaccid”and “uninspired”.She told me I was a hack and that she wanted a chicken treat.Mon Feb 28 06:25:17 via Twitter for iPhone

Neko Case

Liza wants to see some growth. Something daring and with cat’s buttholes in it. I need to “become the woman a was whelped to be”.(her words)Sun Feb 27 03:19:38 via Twitter for iPhone

Neko Case

I mean: wildly exceeds expectations, right???

In more serious news, Blake Hounshell is overwhelming but if you want to intently follow on along on issues from Libya to Oman, he is your man.

Check @iyad_elbaghdadi’s stream for the latest inside dope from Libya. He seems to be tapping the Qaddafis’ phones.less than a minute ago via Twitter for Mac

Blake Hounshell

For issues in artistry and the expurgation of anxiety, it’s Colson Whitehead, natch.

If you wrote your thesis on Blade Runner, you were pretty much jerking off.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

colson whitehead

For the politics more local and transactional, obviously Ben Smith.

If you’re in NYC, I’ll be participating in convo on “the role of money in our lives” at the Public Theater tonight http://is.gd/umK0C6less than a minute ago via Tweetie for Mac

Ben Smith

And for the local more financial, it’s Heidi Moore.

Warren Buffett is looking for cos to buy. He didn’t even use a porny metaphor this time, so you know he’s serious. http://bloom.bg/ghpe9HMon Feb 28 13:40:20 via web

Heidi N. Moore

And I honestly don’t know who Ahmad Bilal is but he cracks me up.

Yeah, that’s what all the hot guys are doing at 3am on Wednesdays. Eating cottage cheese in pajamas, explaining “swag” to their friends.less than a minute ago via Mobile Web

Ahmad Bilal

And for all your breaking celebrity non-news?

I, for one, am now willing to follow Charlie Sheen onto whatever comet he says will take us to Planet Winning. Missheen accomplished.less than a minute ago via web


At long last, yes, there is our in-development Twitter list of Awlers. Merry Christmas. Now delete your Twitter account and get off the Internet.