20 People to Follow on Twitter: @Longreads

MT @DVNJr: How Mubarak Found the Internet’s Off Switch. Great stuff from Glanz & Markoff: http://t.co/gG7GImt // @NYTimes #longreadsWed Feb 16 13:32:51 via Twitter for Mac


When we started up the Awl twitter feed oh lo those many quarters ago, I simultaneously had one good friend tell me she wouldn’t follow it if it had all our headlines, and another good friend tell me the exact opposite. Maddening! But still I agree that business-type Twitters shouldn’t spew every 18 seconds. That is why our pals at Longreads are great, because they do not overwhelm but they do regularly inform! Longreads, in case you don’t know, is the driving force behind a community of people who enjoy reading longer (for reals), run by a fellow named Mark Armstrong. If your idea of a good time is reading, you are in luck! (You are also a geek.) Previously.