I Voted, But I Have Really Good Eyes

Here in New York, where we have changed ballot systems, voting may be a slightly more confusing process than usual. The state has switched to some kind of ludicrous Scantron form, which is much less satisfying than pulling levers and hearing that awesome clank once you’ve done your part for democracy. I’m sure it’s all a temporary stopgap until we’re all voting on iPads or whatever, but if your polling place is crowded — it’s possible, I guess; I went at 10:30 and it was only slightly busier than it was during the primaries — you will probably have to wait for a bit while the volunteers explain the process to the elderly people who are the bulwark of midterm elections.

Also, bring glasses. I heard a lot of folks — even those who appeared to be my age or younger — complaining about how small the type was. My eyesight, apart from a touch of color-blindness which I guess shows just how much of a man I am, is one of the few things left in my body that works exactly the way it should, and even for me it was a strain. Anyway, if you want my “endorsements,” which I hope do not conflict with the general voter guide, they are pretty simple: Vote the Working Families Party line wherever that’s an option and vote Democratic otherwise. There are two ballot issues on the back (I voted no on reducing term limits and yes on the other one but whatever), so don’t forget them. Good luck, citizens!