Domino's Taking Brave Stand In The War Against Photoshop

Sick of models that have been manipulated unnaturally for the purposes of selling a product? Well, so is Domino’s Pizza, which is blowing the lid off the food-styling industry in the latest installment of the pizza chain’s Totally Real Talk Campaign. The above video shows the machinations that an innocent little pizza has to go through in order to be camera-ready — including nails and blowtorches! What sort of messages about how a pizza should look does this send out to impressionable children? Domino’s has decided to unshackle itself from this world of fakery, so it’s come up with a pledge involving the verisimilitude of photos it uses in the future. (It’s signed by the chief marketing officer, so you know it’s serious!)

We will only photograph real, honest-to-goodness pizzas.
That means fresh from our own ovens, with exactly the same ingredients we deliver to your doorstep. Nothing else added.

Our employees will make the pizza we shoot.
Not an art director or model maker or food stylist. A Domino’s employee trained to make pizzas the only way they know how: by hand.

We will not artificially manipulate the food we shoot.
No tweezers, no steam guns, no model knives cutting perfect perforations in the cheese. The only thing that will touch the pizzas we shoot is the pizza-maker’s hands and a standard Domino’s pizza cutter.

But the folks at Domino’s won’t be the only ones not manipulating their pizzas — they’re also throwing a user-generated photo contest! The person who takes the best Real Pizza Picture gets a whopping $500 for their troubles, which should probably save the company money on food stylists, at least for this campaign. (I mean, one shot an hour? That gets expensive!)