Economist Edward Hugh Gets Iced by Bro York Times


Icing gets the major media treatment in the Times, and the paper comes up with an even less-assertive take on icing probably not being a advertiser-run phenomena than ours of May 26. This is funny but only for two reasons: one, because the story originated at the advertising desk of the Business Section of the Times and yet it is apparently not about advertising at all. (OR IS IT!) Also funny because the story only made it to page B3. They couldn’t bring themselves to front it-B1 had to make room for, among other things, “The Blog Prophet of Euro Zone Doom,” which is a very interesting story about a person who maintains a blog, the URL of which the paper cannot bring itself to mention at all, though it finally names another and links, in the penultimate paragraph, to his Facebook. Edward Hugh! Come on down.