Keep Those Comments Coming

Meta, huh?

At some point within the next day or two one of you will take issue with/register your praise of/make a completely unrelated point to a post on this website and hit “submit comment.” Assuming it is not spam and is immediately approved, it will be the Awl’s 100,000th such response. That’s right, kids, we are rapidly approaching our 100,000th comment, and we could not be more excited.

Okay, well, there are a ton of things that would make us more excited (blowjobs, lifetime supplies of cat food, a reunion of Suede’s original lineup, etc.), but this is still pretty cheering. We are naturally quite grateful to all of you, who shape the direction of this site as much as we do and are responsible for creating one of the most enjoyable and vibrant communities on the web. Thanks.

To celebrate, we are going to offer a special opportunity to one of the most dedicated segments of our commenter base, by which I mean those crazies who are still leaving remarks at the bottom of this post in some misguided belief that being the person to leave the final riposte in that spot is a worthwhile aspiration. Here’s the deal: As soon as the 100,000th comment comes in-and we’re not going to tell you exactly how close we are, to keep things sporting-that thread will be closed, giving whoever has left the most contemporaneous play on the word last the, uh, distinct privilege of having indeed been that post’s final commenter. It is the least we can do. Seriously.